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It’s a new year … time for a new official photo … time to bring in the big guns in the form of hair salon, Halo of Mooloolaba, makeup artist Pru Edwards , photographer Anastasia Kariofyllidis and location, Faye Rolph Models.  Well, I had to take my own advice, didn’t I?

I loved the makeup look, Pru created for me so much (not least because she shaved about, oh, 10.3 years off my age!), I couldn’t help but spying through her makeup kit for some tips on key products used.

Nikki Parkinson.  Photograph:  Anastasia K

“We decided to go with a fresh, neutral look as Nikki’s new image would need to be suitable across all genres of publicity and promotion,” said Pru.  “I used a combination of MAC and Napoleon Perdis products.”

SKIN:  “Firstly I brushed on lightly MAC Prep + Prime Skin to hydrate skin and to provide a smooth base for makeup to glide over, giving an even coverage. MAC Studio Stick SPF 15 was then applied with a soft bristle foundation brush to create a creamy skin. I then powdered with Napoleon Camera Finish to provide perfect camera-ready skin.”

EYES:  “Nikki’s eyes are a beautiful blue and I wanted to enhance that. I chose warm taupe shades with a hint of gold to make the eyes ‘pop’.  A creme was brushed over total eye area, with the taupe used in the socket for definition. Napoleon Loose Dust #37  in Sand Beige was then pressed onto the mobile lid and inner corners of the eye for texture and highlight. Napoleon China Doll Eyeliner was then applied quite thickly to top lashline to create heaviness in the lashes. Long length individual lashes were then placed in the middle of the eye to open, with shorter ones placed on either side. Mascara was then applied.”

CHEEKS AND CONTOURING: “MAC Powder Blush in Pinch O’ Peach was applied to ‘apples’ to create youthfulness and to emphasise the smile.  Napoleon Gleamer was then applied to cheekbones and around temples to highlight and contour face.”

LIPS:  Nars Lip Laquer in Chelsea Girls was applied to lips, and chosen for its soft neutral colour and also the sheen.”

For more information about how Pru Edwards can create the best look for your next photoshoot (or big night out!), click here.

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