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Love Napoleon Perdis makeup.  Love that Napoleon has been primping others since he was eight years old. Love that he’s an Aussie taking on the big makeup guns in the US.  LOVE that he now has his own reality TV show, brilliantly named, Get Your Face On (starts February 3, 8.30pm on Discovery Home & Health).

I’ve had a sneak peak at episode 1 and the gist is this: 12 contestants (some are already ridgy didge makeup artists, some are wannabes) arrive at the Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy in Los Angeles – all are vying for the chance to be Napoleon’s protege.  Through a series of masterclasses, the contestants are tested on all manner of makeup skill and application.

Yes, they all want to survive the series and win but, me, I’d be seriously happy with the complete Napoleon Perdis silver kit on wheels they all were GIVEN on arrival. Imagine having your own concept store at your finger tips … but enough about MY makeup obsession.

For the show, each class focuses on a particular technique or style, such as retail, bridal, drag, runway, music video and restorative makeup (for cancer survivors). The students must compete in a pop quiz, as well as a test, which often takes them into real life situations such as a wedding and a fashion photo shoot. 

Add to these challenges, a diverse range of personalities and you have a recipe for viewing success and tear-smudged mascara.  Napoleon’s flamboyant persona sits well in this forum – he IS the king of makeup – and dresses and acts accordingly.  Loving his assistant Rebecca as well.  This talented Aussie girl knows her stuff and more than holds her own with her boss and mentor.

Get Your Face On will appeal to anyone obsessed with makeup and looking your best.  Just have the Napoleon Perdis website up while watching it so you can “favourite” the featured products featured you want to try next.

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