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Blame it on my reluctance to apply a full face of makeup in the current 98% humidity.  I’m simply obsessed with mascaras.

A good lash coat is the icing on my otherwise low-key summer makeup routine of concealer, mineral makeup, bronzer and pale gloss. Without it I feel naked.

You see my … ahhemm … advancing years have left me devoid of long, thick natural lashes.  I have tried eyelash extensions and quite stupidly let my first set grow out and off before they could be infilled.  They were very good and very effective … but that’s another blog.

However, in the past week I’ve definitely not been stuck for solutions to my (lack of) eyelash issue.  I’ve been able to trial three mascaras and all have become my new best lash friends.

1. Oradess Lash Confidence ($37).  This product is part of a boutique makeup range designed and sourced by Brisbane makeup artist Julia Dickensen to give you volume, length and curl. It’s smudge proof, yet comes off super easily. Plus it’s gentle on sensitive eyes.  It certainly delivers eyes that pop.  Need a few lash or makeup tips? Julia runs workshops to help you re-invent and re-discover a look that’s perfect for you. www.oradess.com

2. Diorshow Extase ($52).  I’m a sucker for luxe packaging and Diorshow certainly has that.  It also noticably boosted the volume in my lashes, so that’s a keeper. Discover this gem of a product from February 8-28 at Dior Myer counters’ Backstage Flash Event.  In 10 minutes you’ll be taught the essentials of creating a striking eye look, plus you’ll receive a six-piece gift when you buy two or more products.

3. Blinc mascara ($38). It seems I am but a virgin when it comes to keeping abreast of all things in mascara land.  Have you heard of tubing mascara?  I hadn’t. Clever mascara developers in Japan invented the original tubing mascara.  You coat the lashes in the usual way but on application the formula actually forms a “tube” around each lash.  And these tubes don’t budge or smudge.  In fact, the only way to remove them is with some warm water and a little pressure – the tubes will then slide off in your hand. An easier-on-the-lash alternative to waterproof mascaras and great for brides. www.blinccosmetics.com.au

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  2. Nikki I SO share your daily bare minimum routine! Me too! I LOVE my Estee Lauder Concealor! One tube lasts me 12 months!! Personally Maybelline mascara is my bestie 🙂

    Thanks for a GREAT post that speaks straight to the heart of women! ;p haha


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