Need a fashion motivation to get active? Loving Oscar Mimosa.

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This time last week I was basking in a state of holiday bliss.  It could have had something to do with the afternoon cocktails and sleep-ins … but, to put it bluntly, I made bludging a delicate artform.

Too many nana naps didn’t seem like enough. The most competitive I got was staring down people who left their towels “bagging” the pool lounges while they exited … with their stroller and baby for a very long lunch and/or nana nap.

While pondering the (lack of?) ettiquette in this situation, I also pondered on any grand plans in the exercise department for 2010.  All this pondering proved a little too taxing until I realised that fashion and exercise can actually be firm friends.

Helping that blossoming friendship along is the Oscar Mimosa active wear collection. Perfectly suited for yoga, pilates and even the pool, Oscar Mimosa’s range is all about sleek pieces in neon brights.

I’m a little concerned about the short shorts (quite frankly I would need to spend rest of my life on treadmill without stopping to eat to look like the pictured model Hannah Glasby) but there are plenty of other options to get me motivated.

Oscar Mimosa founder Sarah Harte searched the globe to find the highest quality materials with an enviro-conscience – warp knitted stretch fabrics are used for durability and comfort using completely environmentally friendly techniques.  All pieces in the range have UV protection built in as well.

 Shop online or at these stockists.

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