Nude is the (makeup) word at Golden Globes

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Those who weren’t wearing a shade of nude in their frocks at the Golden Globes yesterday were generally found sporting the hottest makeup trend of the coming season … nude.

Jennifer Aniston and Glee’s Michele Lea were my favourites.  Jen’s long been a fan of the “natural” look and for Michele, it had a softening effect to her dark features and dress.

Now before you jump up and down and say nude (or variations thereof) seems to get a run almost every season, I’m here to tell you that this season is different, well slightly.  Nude gets some new variations with pinks and burgundys meeting their brown cousins eye on!

And while most people think that the nude look is an easy makeup look to master, it really does take considerable effort to create a look that looks like, well, you’re not wearing ANY makeup. 

It’s the makeup that most boyfriends and husband prefer us wearing … which is why if they’re ever asked in a survey whether they like their girlfriend/wife with makeup or without, they usually tick the “without” box.  The survey is immediately skewed because the jokes on them … they just don’t even realise that we are actually wearing makeup.

Which gets me back to my point. It really does pay to get some good advice on the whole nude/no makeup makeup look.  Book in for a session with a makeup artist or head to your nearest Clarins counter or online at Adore Beauty.  Launching Monday, January 25 is the Clarins Nude Inspiration collection.

There are six new shades of Joli Rouge lipstick to suit your nude look. Different skin tones will suit different “nude” lip colours.  I’ve been trialling the Clarins Simply Nude ($42) and love it’s subtle subtle gold pearl undertones.  To change the look slightly, I’ve just added a pink gloss on top (current fave is Lanolips in Rose). To balance out the pale lips, I’ve contoured my eyes, incorporating the new Clarins Hot Chocolate Single Eye Colour ($34).

Available at leading department stores, Clarins Gold salons, select pharmacies, retail specialists and online at

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