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If you were at Big Day Out on the Gold Coast yesteday you’re probably not out of bed yet.   But when you finally wake up from your music, sun and alcohol-induced coma, I bet you wished you had this little pack at your fingertips.

The Boiron Over Indulgence Kit ($19.95) is a homepathic solution to over indulgence in alcohol, food and sun.  Inside is a small plastic container filled with three plastic tubes of small tablet-like balls.  Each tube attacks each of the different over indulgences.

You suck 2-5 of each of the balls every half hour for up to three doses, then cut back to one dose every two hours until symptoms improve.

The homepathic ingredients work to help your body heal yourself … got to love that concept!

Available at health food stores and pharmacies. Ph 1800 791 381.

Boiron Over Indulgence Kit $19.99

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