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When writing about getting beach ready, most beauty writers exspouse the virtues of exfoliating before getting a fake tan … today, I’m more going to talk/lecture you about what to apply once you get within cooee of a beach.


I know, it’s a message we all should have got long ago but it seems some sweet, young things are still keen to fry themselves with nary a thought of the future.  And by future, I don’t just mean skin cancer. 

I live at the beach and thanks to a mum who had us wearing t-shirts in the water and suncreen plastered everywhere else, I’m one of the few my age without brown, leather-like skin.

I’ve been a 30+ girl as long as it’s been around to apply.  I also need a sunscreen to go the distance (we like to hang at the beach for a couple of hours at a time) and it can’t go on all yicky, or react with my sometimes sensitive skin.  Don’t ask much, do I?

I’ve found all this and more with Ella Bache Great 30+ Sportsbloc ($38, 130ml; $59, 400ml pump pack).  It’s no wonder it’s one of Australia’s most popular sunscreens and part of the arsenal of protection that Sunshine Coast “yachtgirl” Jessica Watson is carrying courtesy of Ella Bache.

Ella Bache Great 30+ Sportsbloc

To stock up for summer, ph 1800 789 234, to hunt down your nearest stockist.

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