The Tampurse

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Ok, so this one falls into “the accessory you didn’t know you needed but once you have it you don’t know how you ever lived without it” category … and it’s not really a gift you would want your man buying you … more something you’d buy for a girlfriend.

The Tampurse ($24.95-$29.95) is designed to store your feminine hygiene products (aka tampons) discreetly and fashionably.  Creators Anna Paterakis and Rebekah Zougoulos said:  “We wanted Tampurse to redefine how women store their tampons. To give women confidence that at ‘that  time of month’ their tampons will be always on hand, protected and easy to find.”

The Vintage Glamour stores eight regular tampons and is available in mock-croc with gold trim in four colours. The Starlet range stores four regular tampons and is available in gold and silver.

Tampurse range

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