L’Oreal adds burst of texture to Myer catwalk

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Spring fashion is being celebrated all around Australia at the moment. The latest was this week when Myer celebrated with a burst of fresh, bold colour its latest Spring Summer 09/10 collections in front of a star-studded audience at Sydney’s Carriageworks.  

Complementing the styles in the collection was Alan White for L’Oréal Professionnel.  Together with his team of hair stylists, they were given the challenging yet exciting task of preening and primping the hair of over 70 models walking down the catwalk. Two different hair looks were created for the opening parade.

Hair by Alan White for L'Oreal Professionel; fashion by Myer. Photo by Lucas Dawson for Myer

Hair by Alan White for L'Oreal Professionel; fashion by Myer. Photo by Lucas Dawson for Myer

“The main overall feel of the show was all about creating a chic summer look,”, said Alan. The two hairstyles reflected this theme; the first was an elegant down style, which displayed contrasting textures. The top of the hair was gelled flat to the occipital bone to create a sleek chic finish, while the mid-lengths and ends were curled and brushed to achieve prominent waves with beautiful volume and softness. (read on for a how to and what products to use)

The second look was exactly the opposite with the bottom lengths slicked back into a pony tail and secured at the occipital bone, braided and pined, with the top section curled and back combed to create an amazing wavy frizz texture, which was then shaped and pinned into place.

Want to try this look at home?

1. To achieve maximum volume, apply a generous amount of Texture Expert Mousse Volupté ($35) through the lengths and ends. Blow dry into hair for luxe volume and hold.

2. Using a ½” curling iron, curl random sized sections of hair to keep the curl looking uneven and give more natural movement. Curl the hair to the occipital bone, leaving the top lengths straights. Pin the curl and leave to cool and set.

3. Once cool, remove pins and using a soft bristle brush gently brush through the curls to create an airy softness.

4. Without leaving a hair part, slick the hair back from the forehead to the occipital bone using Tecni.art Fix Max Gel ($24), making sure the hair is gelled flat to the head with a smooth finish.

5. For the last layer of gel, mix Texture Expert Gelée Cashmere ($39) with Tecni.art Fix Max Gel to create incredible shine at the top. Using a fine tooth comb, gently and lightly groom the top layer into the waves to soften the divide between the gelled and curly sections.

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