Three reasons to show off your toes this winter

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I got a little shock the other morning. As I was stepping out of the shower, I caught sight of my toes.

At this point, I let out a little shriek, and the rest of my family came running to investigate.

They, too, shared my horror.  These same toes were lovingly pampered up until two months ago … back when it was warm and they were on daily public display.

Lately my sadly neglected feet have been spending some quality time hidden under tights and boots by day and fluffy bed socks by night. And, yes they were showing some serious signs of neglect.

So your feet don’t suffer the same fate, read on for my three reasons NOT to wait until spring for a pedicure.


Callus Peel

Callus Peel

Can’t even face the thought of a pedicure because your heels are so cracked you’re embarrassed? Look no further than the Callus Peel, now available at Lime Health and Beauty salon, Cotton Tree ( Add a Callus Peel to your regular pedicure for instant results on even the most hardened heels.  The four-step system uses a patch impregnated with AHAs to soften skin and gently remove calluses in 15 minutes.


OPI DS Classic $24.95

OPI DS Classic $24.95

Paul Simon sang about “Diamonds on the soles of your shoes”; I’ve gone one better – diamonds on my toenails. The new range of diamond-kissed lacquers, Designer Series by OPI, contain a unique diamond-dust formula which strengthens and prolongs the lasting properties of the colour and MICA which gives the lacquer a new glistening effect.  My fave:  DS Classic (rrp $24.95), a shimmery shade of golden beige. Available at selected salons and David Jones stores nationally. Ph 1800 358 999 or


Zoya Zara $17

Zoya Zara $17

My obsession with purple continues unabated.  So, now (under my purple tights!), I feel complete with Zoya’s new Zara nail colour (rrp $17).  It’s an ethereal violet with a whisper of green, gold and bronze shimmer.  If metallic nails are ok with Gywneth Paltrow’s current red carpet looks, then they’re more than ok with me. Available in fine salons and spas nationally and online at  Phone 1300 855 644.

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