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As we hit mid-winter, I’m asking a lot of my beauty cabinet.  These four products have answered my call! 

Lanolips 101 Lip Ointment ($17.99).  My quest for the perfect lip balm knows no bounds.  It could have something to do the fact that my lips, if left unadorned, start to form unsightly cracks.  I’d read the vibe about this new Australian product but couldn’t believe my lips.  It was love at first application.  Lanolips, developed by Kirsten Carriol, is an ultra medical grade lanolin. Lanolin is a completely natural substance found in freshly shorn sheep’s wool – Kirsten got to know the product visiting the family farm in South Australia during her childhood.  Developing it to ultra medical grade is a whole new story though.  Not just for lips, Lanolips is handy to have around should your small child graze his knee or feast on your nipples a little too fiercely! I’m also loving Lanolips Lip Ointment with Colour ($13.95) in Sunshine shade. It’s 60% ultra medical grade lanolin, includes natural oils, pure pigment, Vitamin E and SPF 15. For more information and for stockist details, visit www.lanolips.com.au

endota spa organic rosehip oil ($23).  Still on my quest for a natural winter beauty, I found this to be a magical, all-in-one product.  It contains certified organic rosehip, a rich, plant- based oil loaded with essential fatty acids and beta-carotene to make sure your skin is balanced and moisturised; vitamin C to help maintain and improve softness and even out your skin tone and vitamin E which also acts as an anti-inflammatory, improving the appearance of unwanted scars and any annoying blemishes. Buy at endota spas or online at www.endota.com.au

Marc Jacobs Daisy Sticker Edition Limited Edition fragrance ($90). Just five more days (July 5) until this latest addition to the Marc Jacobs Daily fragrance range hits your nearest perfume counter.  It’s enough to make a girl completely forget that it’s winter and immediately focus on spring. If the bottle doesn’t have that effect, the fragrance itself, a sparkling fresh and feminine floral scent will. I love the finishing notes of musk, vanilla and white woods. Available from Myer, David Jones and The Perfume Connection.

The Body Shop Nature’s Minerals Bronzer ($39.95). This new product is perfect for blending my spring-state-of-mind (see above) with my peaches and cream complexion for a sun-kissed look without the sun damage. Best of all it’s free from potential irritants such as binders and traditional fillers.  Ideal for sensitive skin.  www.thebodyshop.com.au

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