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The workforce is currently super competitive.  Gaining that edge over another candidate for a job takes not only skill and experience.

The first impression in an interview counts heavily.  In less than a minute your potential future employer will have summed up your attitude to not only the vacant position but life in general.

It might not seem fair if you have a power-packed CV and a list of qualifications to rival any company director but unfortunately, that’s the reality.

Facing this, you have two choices:  play the game and dress the part or take your chances that the interviewer is actually more concerned with what is written on paper.

Now is not the time to take chances.

Dressing the part need not be a daunting task.  Find out in advance what the company’s dress policy is and aim to dress-up slightly higher than that.

Keep fussy details to a minimum.  This is all about presenting a well-groomed, fresh, neat appearance.

Hair should be perfectly styled, makeup applied to enhance your best features and clothes pressed.

If you use your hands a lot when talking, make sure nails are manicured; otherwise you will just draw attention to this feature. Shoes should be polished.

Finally, choose an outfit that feels comfortable as well as polished.  That comfort will translate to confidence, and in that first 30 seconds you will be oozing it. – NIKKI PARKINSON

Country Road workwear winter 2009

Country Road workwear winter 2009

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