Beth gets the Halo/Styling You makeover treatment

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Beth Tredrea Nicholl, below, is a young, busy mum of three who also juggles work responsibilities in her husband’s business. There not much me time left in the equation so she jumped at the chance to win a Halo of Mooloolaba/Styling You makeover valued at $350.

Naomi Carter used cool eye and lip colours to complement Beth's warm eye colour and skin tone

Naomi Carter used cool eye and lip colours to complement Beth's warm eye colour and skin tone

For her new hair style, Halo’s Naomi Carter created more texture into Beth’s previously grown-out bob hair cut before using a colour technique, which reduces the maintenance, as well as the salon chair time, for busy people.  The three colours applied included two highlights and one lowlight, with lighter colours on the ends.

Makeup is generally something Beth did not have much time for so Naomi introduced her to mineral makeup, which is perfect for time-poor people looking for a flawless, lightweight coverage with a minimum of fuss.  Eye colour was a combination of three cooler tones to complement Beth’s brown eyes.

When it came to injecting some new life into Beth’s wardrobe, Styling You’s Nikki Parkinson discussed with Beth the need to have wardrobe pieces that were functional for doing “mum duties”, yet dressy enough to fit in at her husband’s office.

For winter, that meant starting with one easy-care dress that can be worn with boots, a pair of jeans to suit Beth’s shape, a classic-style trench coat, plus a couple of layering pieces (white long sleeve tee and a fine knit). Accessories complete the outfit – scarves, bangles and at least one statement necklace.

If you would like to book in for a three-hour Halo of Mooloolaba and Styling You makeover, phone 5452 5540 today.  Cost is $350 per person and includes hair, makeup and personal styling.

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