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Finding the best pair of specs for your face has just become easier and a whole lot more fun, with the launch of Specsavers new online virtual fitting service. Simply logon to, upload your photo and in just a few clicks, try on over 1000 directional eyewear styles from your own home or office. This web-based, try-on facility allows you to see how you’d look in a huge range of glasses, in every price, size, and colour, helping you narrow down the shapes and styles that suit you before you hit the shops. The technology lets visitors see an enlarged photo for a better look and create a short list of their favourite frames. The site gives you all of the important frame details, such as the name, code and price, making them easy to identify when you go to your local Specsavers store.


Log on to the Specsavers virtual specs guide

Log on to the Specsavers virtual specs guide

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