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By its very nature, fashion is about trends – new or reinvented ones.

The industry revolves around change.  How much of that change you decide to embrace with each change of season is up to you.

Adapting and incorporating new trends should never be done in isolation to your current wardrobe.

New trends need to:

1. Suit your personal style.

2. Suit your work and weekend wardrobe demands.

In a time when most are being ultra cautious about the way they spend their hard-earned money, it’s only the minority who will wholeheartedly slave themselves to new trends.

Most of us who like to update their look each season will be seeking to inject new trends via carefully chosen pieces.

Yes, we may look to buy a new little black dress in a cut that suits our body shape.  But we’ll add a little winter 2009 with a pair of textured tights – in purple or red.

Now is the time to build on your accessories wardrobe.  Nothing helps to reinvent existing wardrobe pieces more than a statement belt, necklace, cuff or cocktail ring.

This season is also the ideal time to invest in quality wardrobe classics – a well-cut pair of jeans or pants, trench coat, tailored white shirt and pair of boots will take you most places … in style.






Statement Jewellery

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