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When we’re still sweltering through hot, humid days, it’s difficult to get our heads around winter fashion.

But that’s just what’s starting to arrive in store now.

There is method to this fashion seasonal madness and it pays to plan ahead – particularly for winter styles.

When you buy early in the autumn season, the clothes available to purchase are mostly trans-seasonal.

Country Road Winter 2009 Collection: top $129; skirt $179; bag $249; platforms $199; tights $19.95

Country Road Winter 2009 Collection: top $129; skirt $179; bag $249; platforms $199; tights $19.95

Sleeves are three-quarters, fabrics are lighter and pieces are more likely to be designed for layering.  These are pieces you will be able to combine confidently from March until September.

Leave your shopping expedition for another month or so and it will be all chunky knits and winter-weight styling – great if you live in Melbourne, not so great if you’ll be spending June, July and August on the Sunshine Coast.

The only mid-winter additions you will need to a trans-seasonal wardrobe are:  a coat, a pair of boots and several pairs of tights.  Have these on hand for the odd cold snap and your autumn dress quickly transitions to a winter staple.

There are also budget advantages to early-season shopping.

If you buy your winter wardrobe now when it’s too hot to actually wear it, you have the opportunity to layby and pay off your purchases long before the mercury drops.

Now, I like that.

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