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Don’t know why they bother with the little gold statues really?

Just give me three hours of red carpet action and I’m a happy little (fashionable) vegemite.

Which is why under the guise of actually working that I was glued to the E channel this morning … and why I won’t be staying up until the wee hours tomorrow morning to see the glitterati make heartfelt acceptance speeches.

The 2009 Academy Awards was all about glamour – but not OTT glamour – mostly refined glam.  Big statment necklaces were the go and shades of white and red were the new black.  One-shouldered gowns reigned supreme.

Hair was up, down, sleek and bouffed – and everything in between.  And if lips weren’t red, they simply weren’t noticed.

So in lieu of any statues, here are the Styling You awards.

Anne Hathaway shines at the Oscars 2009

Anne Hathaway shines at the Oscars 2009

Best dressed:  Anne Hathaway. Can this girl do no wrong in the fashion stakes?  Clearly, she learned a lot on set of The Devil Wears Prada.

Best bling:  Heidi Klum – those earrings, bracelets and rings probably weighed more than she did. Luckily they proved a distraction from her origami-style dress.

Amy Adams in THAT necklace

Amy Adams in THAT necklace

Best statement necklace:  Amy Adams; runner up: Taraji P. Henson

Best earrings:  Angelina Jolie (who not so coincidentally also wins best handbag award … just want to know where the waiting list for a Brad Pitt is?)

Best classic style:  Kate Winslet.  Kate was polished to perfection with an on-trend, over-the-shoulder style gown and understated accessories.

Congrats to the above style winners and thanks for the many audible gasps!

Now, I don’t like to be negative but I do have some style suggestions for others who did not quite make the fashion grade:

Whoopi Goldberg – a leopard print kaftan-style gown is best left for poolside at a five-star resort

Vanessa Hudgens – clearly excited about an event a few rungs above the school prom, Vanessa went a little overboard on the bustline embellishment.  Too much competition for attention going on there.

Tilda Pinto – ok, so Tilda is known for walking her own fashion line and, yes, choosing a top that is the same colour as her skin does just that!

Jessica Biel – Oh, Jessica, I know there’s a very shapely body under that big floppy bow.  Just because the tag says Prada doesn’t mean the gown’s a good choice.

Beyonce – shopping for fabric for an Oscars’ gown should not be made at an interior design store.  Note to anyone else attempting this look … big, bold patterns do not make your bottom look small.

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