Time for some style reflection

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It’s not surprising that the start of the New Year brings with it a good dose of reflection – and sorry, yes, I’m talking about what you see staring back at you from the mirror.

Time away from work usually gives you a chance to take stock, breathe and contemplate any personal changes you would like to make ready for the year ahead.

For some that means booking a personal trainer or dietician; for others it’s an image or style update.

And this need not be daunting if you follow these SIX easy steps.

1.  Edit your wardrobe. Yes, I’m a cracked record on this one.  You truly don’t know what’s in your wardrobe until you take each piece out, one by one, and really think hard about whether it should stay there.  Have you worn it at all over the past year?  Does it need an alteration or dryclean?

2.  When you place your clothes back in the wardrobe, hang them in groups – workwear, weekend and evening.  Are there any obvious gaps?  Do you need more tops for work?  More pants for the weekend? 

3.  From those gaps, make a shopping wish list.  It’s much easier to stay on track when at the shops if you have a list from which to work.

4.  For a budget friendly update, breathe new life into existing outfits with new accessories.  A well-cut black tee looks completely different if worn with a bold necklace.

5.  Don’t be afraid to try on something you normally have not even pulled off the rack.  This is where a good sales assistant or stylist is worth his or her weight in gold.

6.  Don’t stop at just your clothes.  Have you had the same hair style or worn the same makeup colours for years?  Complement your refreshed wardrobe with a hair and beauty consultation and you WILL be turning heads in 2009.

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