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Show me a new makeup collection – or even a new lip gloss, for that matter – and watch my inner girliness go into overdrive.

So when the invitation to experience the new Light Your Fire collection from Jane Iredale came my way, I came over all giggly. 

There’s something fascinating about well-applied makeup.  I put it down to makeup’s power to transform, enhance (and disguise!) an otherwise average look.   So, I’m like a sponge when it comes to learning new tips and tricks and I’m a marketer’s dream when it comes to buying something clever and new.

I’ll also ‘fess up to being a mineral makeup convert of three years now, so Jane Iredale makeup artist and area sales manager Nicole De Monte didn’t need to sell me on the mineral aspect of the collection. If you haven’t made the switch from conventional foundations, do yourself the favour.  Mineral makeup (and we’re talking the mineral makeups that are made solely from minerals – no talc fillers) is better for your skin (no nasties) and very quick and easy to apply. What’s not to love?  My only tip is get a colour match done by an expert – that’s the secret to getting a mineral foundation that will work to give you a flawless look.  Here endeth the lesson … now on with the colours.

Jane Iredale Light Your Fire Collection.

Jane Iredale Light Your Fire Collection.

Jane Iredale has just released a new collection – Light Your Fire.  I’m loving the versatility of The Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Eyeshadow Palette ($90), the ginger-licious taste and mauve colour of Just Kissed in Madrid lip colour ($54) and the balmy glow of the 24-Karat Gold Dust in Rose Gold ($27). 

Nicole used these products on me and then made my blue eyes “pop” using Black/grey eye pencil ($18) and Longest Lash Mascara in Slate Grey ($65).  Don’t think I can go back to black, now!

But what really had me sitting up and taking note was the other products Nicole incorporated into my “new” look.  It seems Jane Iredale has the clever knack of creating products that are not only good for you (it is known as The Skin Care Makeup) but most products have more than one use, which in anyone’s book is great value for money.

My two faves are:

Magic Mittt ($32) – works similarly to Enjo gloves for house cleaning.  It’s a simple mit that you just need to wet with water and then use to wipe away all traces of makeup.  Wash out afterwards with bathroom soap and hang up to try.  Think of what you can buy with the savings on cleansing products.

Sugar & Butter ($54) – this is a two-in-one lip exfoliating and plumping product.  Twist one end and wipe on a delicious sugar scrub, which is good enough to eat – and you can!  Lips are now smooth as and ready for the “butter” – a gorgeous sheer lip conditioner and plumper. 

So, what are you waiting for … phone 1300 850 008 for your nearest Jane Iredale stockist.  For more tips and tricks, visit

Nikki Parkinson - before the Jane Iredale makeover

Nikki Parkinson - before the Jane Iredale makeover


After the Jane Iredale Light Your Fire makeover

After the Jane Iredale Light Your Fire makeover

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