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Can’t you just feel it? The air thick with humidity and the scent of frangipanis?  The days seem longer (well, not as long as I’d like Queensland!).  And then you hear it … the call of the beach.

Well, ok, so I’m lucky enough to live at the beach every day of my life.

It’s just that the little things like work seem to get in the way of indulging more often than on the weekend.

Which is why at this time of year, where do I pack up my family and head to?  Another beach, of course!

So even though my brain is still overloading itself with concern about meeting deadlines etc, my mind is already focussing on more important things.

You know, like what to pack to achieve an effortless beach goddess look while still digging sandcastles alongside my three-year-old.

Please don’t tell me I’m dreaming.  Not when I’ve found all these beautiful beach-inspired products that at least you may not be able to leave home without.

MiMi First Apron Strings wrap dress $190.

Seafolly Departure Lounge Goddess Up A Cup dress $179.95.

Country Road striped bikini $79.95.

Fitflops Electra $99.95. A new "blinged-up" workout while you walk.

Palazzi one-piece $110. Elegance plus bust enhancer and clip fastener at the back. Available at Myer and David Jones. P 03 9543 7377

Neutrogena body oil (Sesame Formula) $12.99. P 1800 678 380

ModelCo oversized tote and mat - a limited edition bonus gift when you spend more than $58 at David Jones. Cross your fingers there's still some left!

Ella Bache Great 30+ Sportsbloc $59. P 1800 789 234

True Solutions All Day Moisture Tinted $50. P 1800 808 993

Fiorelli Harlow sunglesses $79.95. P 1300 721 160

Nad's Sensitive Hair Removal Creme $10.23. P 1800 352 626

Who is Angie Miss Moneypenny one-piece $119.95.

Havaianas thongs $29.95.

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