What’s on your Christmas wishlist?

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Styling You brings you its Christmas wishlist … not for any particular reason except that if I put these things out there then maybe, just maybe, my wishes will all come true.

1.  Daisy Marc Jacobs eau de parfum 50ml, $100

Ok, so I’m happy with last year’s Daisy Marc Jacobs offering … really, I am. But it’s so, well, last year.  Plus, I’m thinking two cute bottles sitting on my beauty shelf will make up for my lack of budget to induldge in anything else with MJ’s name on.  You can buy this one for me at at Myer, David Jones and selected Coty stockists.  Thanks!

2.  The Body Shop Cranberry range, priced from $6.95 each

My inner Nigella comes out in the kitchen at this time of year … ususally in the form of triple choc and cranberry biscuits.  For a less calorific cranberry fix, I’m thinking a few products from this range could perhaps work just as easily to get me in the festive spirit … well the Cranberry Lip Balm is absolutely scrumptious.   P 1800 065 232

3.  American Crew Shave Duo $49.95

Before you get the idea that I’m thinking of someone other than myself … let me quickly clarify the situation. This may LOOK like a gift for my man (and he will probably think as such) but really it’s for me.  One word, people:  Movember.  On the first day of Christmas, my true love will kiss me without exfoliating my face at the same time.  P 1800 104 204

4.  Youngblood Christmas gift pack $99

In an effort to create a smouldering, smokey eye that would not be mistaken for a nasty injury, I’ve enlisted Youngblood’s help.  Thankfully this mineral makeup company realises the mammoth task I have set them and has thoughtfully placed all the essentials – platinum eyeshadow, black kohl eye pencil, Lunar Dust and Reflection lip gloss in one oh, so cute velvet drawstring bag.  www.youngbloodmineralcosmetics.com.au

5.  Country Road necklace $39.95

Christmas Day is traditionally a hot and sweaty affair so I don’t want big, heavy jewellery sticking to my skin all day.  I do want this lightweight, stylish piece from Country Road, though.  www.countryroad.com.au

6.  Limited edition ghd IV purple styler gift set $329

My ghds of four and a half year vintage dropped on the tiles of my bathroom recently.  Some would say it was a coincidence that this was the very same day the special new purple pack was released.  I would say, purple is such a lovely colour and how fantastically useful would the accompanying purple travel dryer, section clips and heat resistant bag be.  www.ghdhair.com/au

7.  Oroton leather and pvc tote $245

I’m in lust with the concept of this tote.  I’ve love its transparent quality.  I’m just concerned at how much thought I’ll have to put into filling my handbag with interesting, conversation-starting pieces. (Trust me, conversations would start if my current bag were see through!).  However, this is a concern I’m, of course, willing to rise above should this bag end up under the tree.  www.oroton.com

8.  Dermalogica Limited Edition Stress Relief candle $35

Don’t think I can wait for this one.  Will go out and buy myself.  All this Christmas wishlist making is exhausting.  Will rely on this candle’s refreshing blend of aromatherapy oils to get me through the festive season.  Either that, or any form of alcohol. Seems to do the trick.  www.dermalogica.com.au

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