Skincare therapist to the stars launches DVD

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I’m in no way related to a Royalty but boy, do I feel like a princess after each facial treatment administered by Ruth “magic hands” Minoletti.

Ruth now lives back in the UK but her time in Australia was enough to make more than a mark (or should that be remove more than a mark) on the faces of hundreds of Australian women.

Quite frankly, what this woman doesn’t know about skincare isn’t worth knowing.

Ruth Minoletti works her magic

For over 40 years she’s been dishing out advice – along with her treatments – to mere mortals like myself and the cream of London society. Royalty, movie stars, high flying business execs and fashion icons are among those who have put their faces – and their trust – into the hands of skin care therapist Ruth Minoletti.

Those Australian fans who miss Ruth’s touch, catch up for a skincare “top up” with her on her annual visits back to the Sunshine Coast but she’s now put some of her secrets into an educational DVD and we can all learn from this!

The DVD  can be ordered via the website:

Here’s what just of Ruth’s high-profile clients has to say:

I first heard of Ruth when I was the Assistant Beauty Editor of British Vogue and my job was to know exactly who were the best people in the beauty industry. I couldn’t go far along that road without hearing Ruth’s name cropping up constantly… several of our top editors went to her… and spoke of her in hushed and reverential tones. …everyone will testify that her facials can radically alter the health and appearance of your skin, even changing a lifetime pattern of bad skin into a future of good skin. Ruth is at the cutting edge of skincare/dermatological research. Journalists quickly learn who is a bluffer, who is a one-hit wonder and who cares more about their profit margins than their clients. None of these criticisms apply to Ruth. She is the genuine article. Lizzie Radford, Beauty Journalist, London, UK

To see photos from the world launch on November 19, 2008, visit the photo gallery page.

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