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How to find an outfit that will take you through Christmas and beyond

Hands up who can’t believe Christmas parties are now more popular in November than December?

It’s true.  No sooner than we’ve claimed our Cup Day winnings, than the first Christmas party invite arrives in your inbox.

No time of the year is going to elicit a greater “I’ve got nothing to wear” response than now.

But listen up, because putting together an outfit for a client or office Christmas gathering doesn’t have to be stressful.

Morrison Amy dress;

It just requires a little pre-planning.

Take a GOOD look in your wardrobe.  And I mean a GOOD look.  If you need fresh eyes, ask a trusted girlfriend around to help (or give me a call!).  Pull out all of your party wear from previous years and start trying it on.

If something makes you feel fabulous then I say, wear it.  Just re-invent it a little.

The easiest way to re-invent a look from a previous party season is with an accessory update.   A new pair of earrings, a jewelled bangle, a new clutch bag, new shoes … or all four.

If your wardrobe did not reveal a party favourite “from the vault”, then it’s time to hit the shops.

Choose a boutique that offers great service and a wide-range of outfits that suit your style and personality.

Importantly, buy an outfit that fits and flatters – and one that will work for you on more than one occasion this party season.

I’m loving the label Morrison (pictured) to deliver just those kind of outifts.

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