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Like I give a frock by Michi Girl, Penguin $29.99

I’m not one for picking up a book that requires a lot of concentration and brain activity to understand its contents … too much like hard work.

I need something that will feed my mind much like a weekend of retail therapy.

Enter stage left, Like I Give a Frock: Fashion Forecasts and Meaningless Misguidance ($29.95, Penguin) by Michi Girl (of www.michigirl.com.au fame).  Michi Girl is the alter ego of good friends Chloe Quigley and Daniel Pollock. Can I just say, the Kat Macleod illustrations beg to be printed on limited edition fashion garments?

If you have ever wondered when a baguette became a bag and and not just a piece of bread, when it became acceptable to wear a tracksuit to the supermarket or what to do about cankles, then Michi is your girl.

Best of all her witty, stylish and sometimes tragic advice is wonderfully encased in a hardback, cloth-bound book – the perfect gift for a fashionista friend or, like I suspect Michi would say, a present for yourself!


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