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Who knew everyday undies could be so much fun?

Not me, at least.

I’m now doing a major re-think after a recent email had me visiting the Foghorn website (, clicking a few buttons and exercising my inner creative genius.

Foghorn design your own undies

Foghorn, which is based in Melbourne, offers the opportunity to design the colour and prints of your own garments online.  In my case I was customising a pair of undies – and, can I just say, it’s truly addictive, if not a little intimidating?

I mean, really, who apart from those nearest and dearest is going to see you in your undies (ignoring the fact that your grandmother always said to wear nice ones in case you were in an accident)?

Foghorn design your own undies

Risque slogans aside (didn’t want questions from the kids after they brought the clothes in off the line!), I decided a girly approach was definitely required.

Let’s just say that pink and metallic feature quite heavily … and I can neither confirm nor deny the use of slogan, “will work for shoes”.

A couple more clicks later and my custom pair (women’s boyleg briefs are priced from $20 a pair – the more you add on, the more they cost) was winging its way to me, only to land in the post box 24 hours later.  Got to love that!

All up, with postage and gst, mine cost $33.20.

Foghorn, I’ll be back … I’m feeling a “fashionista sister” t-shirt coming on.

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