Are you ready to party?

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The summer party season is in full swing … but are you?

Get with the program … Styling You hereby brings you your party essentials … don’t leave home without at least one of them.

1.  MiMi First All Tied Up dresses in either silk satin ($269) or viscose ($290)

I love the viscose version of this dress for its pj kind of feel – it’s a great everydayer. Trust me it’s on high rotation (not least because of the no-iron factor) but if I’m feeling an injection of glitz and glam is required I roll out viscose’s sophisticated silk/satin sister.  The flowers pictured are called Blooming Blossoms and come in a pack of two ($59).  Colours available:  ballerina pink, steel and black.  Tie them on your jewellery, your clothes, around your wrist …;

2.  Tulipani Correspondent dress $204.60

Ok, so not everyone is Miss Tall and Slinky but if you are, I say good luck to you and get yourself into a Tulipani Correspondent dress … fast.  This dress will be the perfect guest at barbecues all summer long – just add jewelled flats and possibly some Nanna pants.

3.  Hussy Inca mini dress $299

Well, I’m really trying to get over the fact that this dress is not for me.  Actually I’m just accepting that I’m not on the right side of 40 on any survey but that there are plenty of gorgeous young things out there ready to step out and look fabulous in my place.

4.  Cooper St Fendi Foldover frock $139

See, I’m really being nice and considerate about this age thing.  Calling all sweet lovlies – this dress will take you to any party.  Just watch out for men dressed up in red suits asking what you’d like for Christmas.  Sorry to break it to you … but Santa is really your mum and dad.  Oops. P 02 9211 4511

5.  Joanne Mercer Louise shoes $129.95

Killer heels are called Killer heels for a very good reason.  They are known to induce so much pain when standing in them for long periods of time that you think they just may kill you.  If you haven’t already, make platform killer heels your new best party friend.  I can’t guarantee a pain-free night but I can guarantee your feet lasting until either you get home or when it becomes acceptable (ie, everyone else is doing it – and not a second before!) to take them off.

6.  Bras N Things Affinity bra $39.99

I ask a lot of my bra, not least of which is the task of preventing my breasts from flopping about with gay abandon on my belly button.  I feel that this bra is up to such a mammoth task and much more.  I call it the multi-tasking bra, Bras N Things call it Affinity and, since they own the company, I guess they can call it whatever they like.

7.  ModelCo Disco Lights gloss $30

It could be that you already have a fabulous dress – or six – to wear on the party circuit this year but are still feeling something is missing.  It could be you just need a new lip gloss.  This always works for me. And nothing says party like this tiny handbag essential.    Yes, we like the WOW Pink colour (a great match for some smokey eye work) but we LOOVVE the mirror on the side and the way that you can start your own disco, complete with lights, at the flick of the on switch.  Who needs to go out?  Cancel that, you still need to go out, but only to show this baby off!

8.  Redken Extreme Iron Repair $26

Do you have an unhealthy addiction to your straightening irons?  It’s ok, because I do, too.  But here’s the thing, if you want your hair to still look all glossy and shiny post-party season, I have one word for all fellow iron lovers out there:  protection!  This lotion is heat-activated, so it conditions the hair fibre, adding shine as you straighten.  You know, they really shouldn’t tell me that as now that makes my unhealthy addiction a healthy one … we can’t have that, can we?

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