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Are your shoulders the same width as your hips?  What clothes should you choose?

Pour the pink champers, put on your pjs and get set for some styling advice …

That’s just what 10 women did at a recent Styling You charity workshop to support Pink Ribbon month for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

I took the women through a body shaping exercise – the key to having complete confidence in choosing clothes to suit you.

Knowing your body shape will help you learn how to disguise the bits you’d rather noone knew about and highlight the killer features that you love.

Finding clothes is not about searching for a number on a size tag.  It’s about switching off to the number and trying on pieces that will make you look and, therefore, feel good.

Buying clothes is also not about madly purchasing each of the new trends that hit the stores twice a year.  It’s about choosing select pieces from that trend forecast – pieces that mirror your style and complement what you already have in your wardrobe.

Accessories are the icing on an outfit.  Buy these well and they’ll make your outfit sing!

For more information about holding a Styling You workshop as a fundraiser, corporate or conference partner program activity, email [email protected]

Discovering your true body shape really does have to start with some measurementsThe \

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