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It’s usually about this time every year that a little shriek can be heard from my bedroom … actually it’s more like a bellowing howl.

These strange sounds coincide with the first time it warms up after winter and I slip into a little spring/summer frock.

The pitch of the said howl directly correlates with the luminosity of my limbs.  Seriously, you could switch off the lights and they’d still be glowing.

Time to book an in-salon fake tan.  Or is it?

I was pondering this question one Sunday afternoon while filling the supermarket trolley with means to sustain my family for the week when I came across the shelves dedicated to self tanning. 

The big push in the self tanning market in recent years has been the growth of gradual tanners.

The cosmetic industry (correctly) realised that we mere mortals should not be left alone with full fake-tan products as the results (read streaky, patchy, orange, all of the above) often led us to never touch that product again.

Gradual tanning products are “watered” down with moisturiser so there is less chance of disaster.

Palmer\'s Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Body Lotion Gradual Tanning Moisturiser

I’ve tried quite a few of these offerings but never Palmer’s Natural Bronze ($8.95 for 250ml).  Can I just say, I am hooked?

In one application I had a light glow.  After a week of applying it every morning, it looks like I’ve been on a very long beach holiday … the colour is perfect and the pump pack is a cinch to use. 

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

For a little bit of insurance on a special night out, I’ve also re-stocked on the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs (about $28 for 75g).  Guess what?  It’s not only suitable for legs.  It worked a treat on my decolletage for a recent charity ball.  It’s basically like a light mist of body make-up that washes off in the shower (not on the dance floor) and works to even up skin tone.  Choose the shade that best matches your complexion.

Let me know what supermarket beauty buys you can’t live without …


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