Italia style at Fashion Fridays

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Faye Rolph Models Gianne Abbot at Fashion Fridays with Italia boutique, September 26, 2008Fashion Fridays coordinator Nikki Parkinson and Italia Boutique\'s Linda Nogara at the September 26, 2008 Fashion Fridays event

Don’t you just love the way Italy does fashion?

Linda Nogara’s relaxed elegance style is loved and adored by the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane clients of her Italia boutiques – and on Friday, September 26, she won over a few more fans with a stunning Fashion Fridays parade.

The former dancer-turned successful boutique owner and fashionista showed why we should all fall in love with Italian designer clothing.  Each piece worn in the parade by the Faye Rolph Models was a work of art.

“Italia is all about creating individual and distinctive looks for women. My main focus is on importing one-offs and exclusive designers not available elsewhere in Australia,” says Linda.

“When I do the buying I actually think of my clients’ individual needs and styles, as in, ‘this one is for Mrs K, this one for Mrs J, this one for so and so etc’. When the stock comes in it is like Christmas with piles of garments put aside for my VIPs. They are so excited seeing the goodies I have brought back for them,” she says.

“Italia is very different to a chain store that sells mass-produced clothing.

“I believe Italia is more like a fashion gallery with unique and exquisite works of art. Imagine walking into a gallery and seeing the same print over and over again you would feel disappointed, that’s how feel when I see mass-produced clothes.”

In store at Mooloolaba’s First Avenue or in the Brisbane Arcade, look for lables such as Celyn b, Anna Rita N, Imperial, Please, Manila Grace, My Day, Pier Antonio Gaspari and many, many more.

For more photos from the day, check out Styling You’s event photo gallery.


 Kylie Woodbridge (centre) and the girls from Ocean Serenity Day Spa provided some pampering to the guests at Fashion Fridays, September 26, 2008

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