Stretch your new-season clothing budget

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You have sorted through your wardrobe, created a wish list of new-season clothes and found some money in the budget to apply to that wish list.

How do you stretch that budget to give your wardrobe an update but still incorporate your existing clothes?

The short answer is to buy carefully.

Spring and summer is our longest wardrobe season and it’s also a season that usually heralds a number of events – from Melbourne Cup lunches to Christmas functions and an annual holiday.

Add in your office wardrobe needs and your budget needs to go a long way.

The key to making that budget last the distance is in buying pieces that work with what’s already in your wardrobe, updating existing outfits with new shoes or accessories or buying clothes that you know will have more than one use.

Plenty of my friends use the “cost per wear” justification when buying new pieces – and you should too.

Is it possible for your Melbourne Cup outfit to be adapted without the hat to become a Christmas party outfit?

Is that same outfit suitable for wearing to the office after its run on the party circuit?

Can it be dressed down with flat shoes or jewelled thongs for a night out for dinner on your annual holiday?

These questions should apply to each piece you buy this summer.

Then and only then will you have a wardrobe that works for you and always offers an answer to that perennial question, “What will I wear?”

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