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Jan Marini Skin Research - Marini Lash $220


 There is not one single mascara in the world that can do for lashes what sustained use of the Jan Marini Skin Research Marini Lash Eyelash Conditioner ($220) will do for them.

Jan Marini first introduced us in 2005 to the idea that our eyelashes (which tend to thin out with age – yes, add that to the list!) can be dense and lush again.  There have been lots of similar products since that time but I’ve not come across anything that comes close to giving the same results.

This updated eyelash formulation is once again setting the benchmark and not surprisingly women are loving it.

Don’t expect overnight miracles – they say that results are noticeable between four to eight weeks – but I actually thought I could tell the difference after one week, or maybe that was just wishful thinking!

It’s a gel-like substance that needs to be applied every night before bed in much the same way that you would apply an eyeliner – yes, it may seem like an expensive addition to your night-time beauty routine but the small tube will last about six months.

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