New season – must be time for a wardrobe clear out

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THE heralding of a new fashion season usually brings with it a few shock looks, a few throw-backs and more than a few lust-haves.

It’s often difficult to know where to start if you’re planning to give your wardrobe a complete style overhaul – or even a gentle nudge.

Walk though a shopping centre or into your favourite boutique and it can seem overwhelming.

New pieces displayed on mannequins are placed to entice a purchase but if you’re on a limited budget it pays to stop and think before you whip out that credit card.

It also pays to do a thorough audit of your wardrobe. You might be surprised what you find tucked underneath those ski pants from 1991.

Now, I have always lived by the motto, “if in doubt, throw it out”, but you need not be as ruthless. A good rule of thumb is that if something has not been worn in the past year, it’s unlikely to see the light of day again, unless it’s something like a heavy, wool coat reserved for European holidays.

If it is a designer label and in good condition, consider selling it on ebay (or I can sell it for you!).  If not, donate it to charity. If something is damaged and cannot be repaired, send it straight to the bin.

Once you know exactly what’s already in your wardrobe for spring, work out how much you’re prepared to spend on new season clothes and accessories and get set to shop.

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