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13 tips for travelling to Bali if you are a newbie

13 tips for travelling to Bali if you're a newbie

* Updated October 30, 2013 Bali has always been on our list of places to visit. So many good friends had been and fell in love. When we booked and surprised the kids with this end-of-school-holidays trip, we had a pretty good …

How to dress like Nina Proudman

offspring 5

This week I was lucky enough to get 15 minutes on the phone with the two creative people behind the costuming on Offspring. I spoke to Michael Chisholm and Zed Dragojlovich last year (you can catch up here) but I was keen to …

How to dress like Nina Proudman

FEATURED How to dress like Nina Proudman.jpg

Let's talk about Nina Proudman and her style this season. I know we do just that every Thursday around here but I want to talk specifically about the overall style she's projecting this season. There are a few comments on last week's post …

My health story – an update

FEATURED Nikki Parkinson Styling You Health Story 2013-14.jpg.jpg

It's been a while since I wrote a health update here. You can catch up with my health story here and here. In a nutshell, it's 12 months since I decided to get serious about my health. I'd always been pretty good …

How to dress like Nina Proudman

FEATURED OS511 Leo Taylor (Patrick Brammall), Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie)_2.jpg

We interrupt our regular Nina Proudman style program to bring you some style thoughts from Jane Harber, the actor who plays Zara in Ten's Offspring. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet and interview Jane when she was on a day …

How to dress like Nina Proudman

FEATURED How to dress like Nina Proudman.jpg

I've said this before but I'll say it again - my multiple wardrobe personalities often sway nicely between the style of both Proudman sisters. Billie Proudman speaks to my classic-corporate style personality; Nina Proudman speaks to my romantic-casual style personality. Many of you …

What wear for winter weekend casual

What to wear weekend casual #everydaystyle

Last week we looked to the real women of #everydaystyle for some inspiration on what to wear to the office. This week we're all about the casual. For me, most days call for a casual outfit. I work from home. There's usually …

How to make an outfit look better

how to make an outfit look better | real-women style inspiration #everydaystyle

Can you believe that #everydaystyle is more than six months old? I can't. What started as a reader request to see more of what I wore every day - not just for special occasions or for blog posts - evolved into a …

The one minute makeup

1 minute makeup

You know I'm not one to fuss around when it comes to spending time on my everyday makeup routine don't you? Sure, if I need to get my fancy schmancy on then I'll go all out and allocate appropriate time or …

How to dress like Nina Proudman

FEATURED OS5 B3D8 7-48pt3 77120.jpg

You know how much I love a pair of printed pants, don't you? Well it seems that this trend is also appealing to Nina-I-prefer-skinny-jeans-Proudman. Nina Proudman style Her second outfit on the show last night featured a pair of printed silk pants from …