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13 tips for travelling to Bali if you are a newbie

13 tips for travelling to Bali if you're a newbie

* Updated October 30, 2013 Bali has always been on our list of places to visit. So many good friends had been and fell in love. When we booked and surprised the kids with this end-of-school-holidays trip, we had a pretty good …

Spring Summer 2015 fashion trends

FEATURED spring summer 2015 fashion trends - bohemian

It's a warm day here in Queensland. I'm not fooled though. We've still got two weeks left of winter and some cool nights ahead later this week. But. Come that last week in August, the seasonal weather switch really does get flicked. Spring does arrive …

How to get your spring wardrobe sorted

FEATURED Spring Summer 2015 - casual outfit

Spring-summer is a very long fashion season in most of Australia. This means that for most of us, most of our wardrobe is devoted to clothes that are geared towards our daily life in those warmer months. It also means that it's …

How to build outfits from wardrobe basics

FEATURED Styling You wardrobe basics outfit formula

There is more than one way to put together an outfit but the formula I'm sharing here is one way that will help take the stress out of getting dressed for good. This is an outfit formula based on wardrobe basics …

The Model and Me: Belle Bird


I first introduced you to Birdsnest's Belle Bird label last season. Belle Bird is Birdsnest's own plus-size label and this spring-summer it's once again produced a fabulous edit of wearable and affordable pieces for size 12-22. Now, before you get all huffy …

Instantly Ageless like botox in a sachet

FEATURED Instantly-Ageless-product

Sponsored by Foreva Jeunesse for Jeunesse Global If you're a regular Styling You reader then you know that I've been trialling and reviewing all manner of skincare and beauty products for about 15 years now - the past seven years on this …

The Model and Me: Bird Keepers

FEATURED bird keepers

We spent the weekend 1000m above sea level in the Gold Coast hinterland. More to come on that later in the week but I have to say I did enjoy the cooler temperatures. It was like our last blast of winter. We …

Autumn Winter 2015 fashion trends – what to buy now

FEATURED Autumn Winter 2015 fashion trends - fine form

I found myself wandering around and browsing in a few fashion stores in the city yesterday. I was on the hunt for a couple of plain coloured tops with sleeves for a video shoot I'm doing in Melbourne tomorrow (yes, I'm …

How to define your eyes with makeup


Day to day, I don't wear much eye makeup. A base eyeshadow and a little mascara maybe but generally that's about it. What I've discovered over the years, though, is that this is far from enough eye makeup for me when it …

The Model and Me: Surafina

FEATURED The Model and Me Surafina

My wardrobe consists of two extremes. The winter extreme and the summer extreme. In between you'll find the majority of my clothes, all clothes that fit into the trans-seasonal category. These are clothes that consist of light layers - layers that can easily be …

The Model and Me: Sacha Drake


Sacha Drake has long been my go-to designer when it comes to special occasion wear. The Brisbane designer just knows how to create timeless garments for women to suit all different shapes. She consistently produces collections that have the ability to make you …

Feel like a beauty editor with Bellabox

FEATURED bellabox

Sponsored by bellabox Whenever anyone even slightly beauty product-obsessed walks into my bathroom or my office, they tend to either gasp or let out an audible sigh. I have drawers dedicated specifically to hair products, to lipsticks, to BB and CC creams, …

How to dress for a conference


Last weekend I attended the 2015 Problogger Training Event - just a *wee* gathering of about 700 bloggers or people wanting to connect with bloggers. The conference is the brainchild of Problogger's Darren Rowse. It started with humble beginnings as a …

The Model and Me: wYse Lifestyle

featured wyse

How's the last day of winter looking where you live? The pre-spring sun is doing its thing here. I had planned to do my spring wardrobe edit in preparation for the new season but my office was in greater need of a …

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