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13 tips for travelling to Bali if you are a newbie

13 tips for travelling to Bali if you're a newbie

* Updated October 30, 2013 Bali has always been on our list of places to visit. So many good friends had been and fell in love. When we booked and surprised the kids with this end-of-school-holidays trip, we had a pretty good …

What jeans are in fashion 2015?

FEATURED Jeans 2015

Oh Stylers, I have a massive apology to offer. When my book - Unlock Your Style - launched at the end of July last year, I also launched the Styling You forum. I was super excited about it. I thought it could …

Autumn Winter 2015 fashion trends – what to buy now

FEATURED Autumn Winter 2015 fashion trends - fine form

I found myself wandering around and browsing in a few fashion stores in the city yesterday. I was on the hunt for a couple of plain coloured tops with sleeves for a video shoot I'm doing in Melbourne tomorrow (yes, I'm …

Your style questions answered

FEATURED How to style a sleeveless vest or cardi

Whenever I get a fashion or style question that I think others may be interested in, I’ll answer it in a blog post like this. If you have a question you’d like considered for this, please email me: nikki@stylingyou.com.au – I …

Inside Julia Morris’ jungle wardrobe

FEATURED embrace your inner jungle queen  #animalprint

I know this post will be polarising on a couple of fronts so let's get that out on the table from the start, shall we. 1. I've been watching and largely enjoying Channel Ten's I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of …

Save your winter soles with FRANKiE4 Footwear


Sponsored by FRANKiE4 Footwear I remember the first time my feet slipped into a pair of FRANKiE4 Footwear shoes. It was very much a happy dance moment. A COMFORTABLE happy dance moment. Like any woman with half an eye on fashion trends, up until …

How to update your wardrobe for winter 2015

FEATURED How to update your wardrobe for winter 2015

I've been out twice this week. On school nights. In the name of fashion research. I know, I know. It's a tough job ... The biggest thing I took away from my research in terms of how to update your wardrobe for winter is that …

The Model and Me: Metalicus

FEATURED Metalicus

Did you know that I owe the very concept of my Model and Me posts to the label Metalicus - five and a half years ago? True. I'd been asked to be a model in a boutique's Metalicus season-launch fashion parade. This boutique wanted …

The Model and Me: Everyday Cashmere

FEATURED Everyday Cashmere

My parents arrived yesterday from their now home base in the UK. Let's just say that the aircon was cranking in an attempt to acclimatise them as best we could. I could only apologise for the non-autumn weather we're currently experiencing …

The Model and Me: Maiocchi

FEATURED maiocchi

The majority of my wardrobe is what I classify as smart casual. This makes sense as I work from home. But. I do attend networking functions and business lunches or meetings. For those times, I need to have a number of go-to frocks …

The Model and Me: Bohemian Traders


YOUR casual wardrobe might be confined to the weekends and holiday but mine is an (almost) everyday affair. This means I'm always on the lookout for key smart-casual pieces that are comfortable enough for working at home but also look the …

One pot wonder recipes to make your life easier


Towards the end of last year, when I was well and truly over the nightly catering gig and the teenagers had moved back home - meaning the catering was essentially now for four adults and one child - I cottoned …

Your style questions answered

FEATURED What to wear to a 40th birthday lunch - autumn

Welcome to a regular post I feature here on Styling You. Whenever I get a fashion or style question that I think others may be interested in, I’ll answer it in a blog post like this. If you have a question you’d …

How to pose for photos + WIN an Olympus selfie camera

FEATURED Olympus selfie lunch

Sponsored by Olympus Australia I have two friends who are former models. The only former thing about them is that they no longer model professionally. They are utterly gorgeous, tall and know how to pose for a photo. Now, most people might shy …

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