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13 tips for travelling to Bali if you are a newbie

13 tips for travelling to Bali if you're a newbie

* Updated October 30, 2013 Bali has always been on our list of places to visit. So many good friends had been and fell in love. When we booked and surprised the kids with this end-of-school-holidays trip, we had a pretty good …

What to pack for a European summer holiday


This would have to be my biggest packing challenge to date. Well, since I started seeing every trip as an opportunity to better myself in this game the experts call packing light. I need to be upfront with you from the outset, if …

Autumn Winter 2015 fashion trends – what to buy now

FEATURED Autumn Winter 2015 fashion trends - fine form

I found myself wandering around and browsing in a few fashion stores in the city yesterday. I was on the hunt for a couple of plain coloured tops with sleeves for a video shoot I'm doing in Melbourne tomorrow (yes, I'm …

Birthday giveaway: win 1 of 13 prizes valued at $2538

Styling You Birthday giveaway main image

It's hard to believe that it's already June, which means that it's time for Nikki's birthday, and time for YOU to receive the birthday presents in a bumper giveaway. We have 13 wonderful prizes for you valued at $2538. For your …

My health story – an update

Editor's note: This is not medical advice that would necessarily work for you - please see your health care professional/s and work together on a plan that works for you. My alarm went off at 5.30am this morning. Like it does …

How to wear ankle boots – an update

FEATURED ankle boots AW15

There are many reasons why ankle boots are still very much a part of the winter fashion landscape. For me, I think the main reason is that, unlike their knee-high sisters, ankle boots don't discriminate on calf width. Those of us with greater …

The Model and Me: Binny


Can we all pause for a moment and remember a time when Wednesday nights were devoted to all things Nina Proudman? For those new to Styling You, Nina Proudman is/was a fictional character on the hit Australian TV series, Offspring. Right about …

The Model and Me: Bella Lido

FEATURED bella lido

I know this Model and Me business is all about Mondays here on Styling You but given that Monday felt like Sunday and today - Tuesday - feels like Monday then I hope you're all ok with us just going …

The Model and Me: Surafina


By the time you read this - all going to plan - we will have landed in London. On the longest day of the year. Well the day with the longest daylight hours. I think this will either be conducive to getting …

What to wear on a long flight

FEATURED What to wear on a long flight.jpg

Do you know which are my fave celebrity paparazzi photos? The ones where someone beautiful and famous has just stepped off a plane looking like they've just been on a three-day-health retreat, not a long-haul flight. Yes, sitting (or lying down) …

The Model and Me: wYse Bodywear

The-Model-and-Me-wyse copy

Editor’s note: Please welcome today’s guest blogger: Rachel Wernicke from Redcliffe Style. While Nikki is away, Rachel is taking over the Model and Me posts to give us all a look at what some gorgeous fashion pieces look like on everyday women. I’m in the …

What is the difference between cocktail and formal dress

FEATURED What to wear to a winter cocktail event

It's the season for balls and formal events - well, it is judging by the number of questions that I'm receiving on the subject - and the photos popping up on my friends' Facebook feed. Here is just a selection of …

How to shop the sales

FEATURED how to shop the sales

Most of Australia is heading into a long weekend this weekend. Sorry Western Australia - don't worry Queensland won't have this holiday at this time next year either. This move does not please me as the Queen's Birthday long weekend has …

Winter teacher holiday style


Editor's note: sharing her style on the blog is What The Teacher Wears blogger, Alex Paterson. I met Alex at one of my Brisbane book launches - after I *met* her on Instagram and discovered that there is a whole …

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