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13 tips for travelling to Bali if you are a newbie

13 tips for travelling to Bali if you're a newbie

* Updated October 30, 2013 Bali has always been on our list of places to visit. So many good friends had been and fell in love. When we booked and surprised the kids with this end-of-school-holidays trip, we had a pretty good …

THE dress of summer 2016


HELLO. It's me. No, not Adele. It's ME. I'm back. How good is a summer break if you can swing it? We did indeed swing it and had a week at the beach (more on that here). Today I had the need to …

The Model and Me: Surafina


It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of the little black dress. Even in summer. Effortlessly chic goals in one garment. But I know that many of you do not carry the same cheerleading pom poms I do for black. I get it. …

How to create a summer casual capsule wardrobe

FEATURED 15-piece summer casual capsule wardrobe

Seven-plus years ago when I kissed my former career and a Monday-Friday office gig goodbye, I was initially excited at the prospect of not necessarily having to get dressed up to do work. I say initially because, honestly, I was quickly at …

How to create a summer workwear capsule wardrobe

FEATURED Summer workwear capsule wardrobe

This is the time of year that typically a lot of women are returning to work - either after a break or to the workforce because daycare spots are more likely to be available at the beginning of a year …

10 things to do in Burleigh Heads


Last Easter we escaped for a few days to the QT at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. Loved it. Loved it all. On the Sunday, we’d arranged to meet up with friends on Burleigh Beach so the kids could have …

35 ways to shake up your style in 2016


Shaking up - or unlocking - your style is a way to help you feel good about yourself. It’s an outside-in mentality for me. If I’m feeling good about what I’ve dressed myself in, then my mood in generally better and …

A simple summer everyday makeup routine


This is the last full week of the summer school holiday/work juggle. I have a lot to tick off on the work front so I'm pulling out all stops in the motivation department. Step 1: get up to alarm and exercise. Tick. Step …

7 autumn winter 2016 fashion trends you can wear now

FEATURED Katies kaftan dress  autumn winter 2016 fashion trends you can wear now

If you've been shopping of late to seek out some hard-core air-conditioning action as part of your heat-avoidance program, you may have been surprised to see your favourite stores trying to convince you that it's nearly winter. See, it doesn't matter …

The Model and Me: Bohemian Traders


Welcome to the first Model and Me post for 2016. If you're new around here, then let me talk you through how the Model and Me concept got started. Way back in 2010, I was asked to be a model for a …

How to refresh your summer teaching wardrobe

Summer style for teachers 2016

Editor’s note: sharing her style on the blog is What The Teacher Wears blogger, Alex Paterson. I met Alex and discovered that there is a whole world out there of teachers sharing their style. It’s far from the teacher style …

Summer hair care boot camp: styling tips


Sponsored by Schwarzkopf  Did your hair survive the Christmas break? Did it go to the beach? Did you follow my tips for caring for your hair when swimming? Of COURSE you did. We all want hair happiness, don't we? This summer hair care boot camp …

The Model and Me: Sissy

FEATURED Model and Me Sissy

It's not unusual for me to be seen on #everydaystyle wearing a long-sleeve top or shirt in summer. If I'm out and about, that top is a part of my sun-protection arsenal. Sunscreen is always on but extra insurance for shoulders and …

9 Instagrammers to follow for everyday style inspiration

FEATURED 9 Instagrammers to follow for everyday style inspiration

"Who is your style icon?" is a question I'm most asked in interviews. Truth is, I don't have a style icon, a current or former celebrity whose style influences what I wear. I'm more influenced by what the people around me are wearing …

Why I’m simply in love with Simply Nigella


I love to cook. And to eat. Not that the two need to necessarily need to go hand and hand. But in my experience, it does help. Like my wardrobe, though, it's very, very easy for me to fall into a cooking rut. You …

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