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What’s your shopping justification technique?

What's your shopping justification technique?

Sponsored by Dettol Mission for Health If there was a degree in Shopping Justification then I’d be up for First Class Honours. Whenever I stumble across a piece of clothing that immediately speaks to my heart, i.e. is calling me to take it home, I go through a mental checklist. Whilst wistfully staring at said

Say hello to this month’s sponsors


I’m very grateful to the businesses that support this blog each month and I love having the opportunity to introduce you to a business that you may or may not have heard about. Those banner ads on the left and right? My stats tell me they are some of the most clicked icons on my

Sneaky supermarket beauty shopping just got more sneaky

Woolworths Beauty Bar - Town Hall Woolworths, Sydney. A new convenient way to buy your beauty products

Sponsored by Woolworths The minute I turned 15 I went part-time job hunting. The thought of someone handing me some cash every week for a few hours’ work was enough to get me imagining all the purchases I could make. You know, the essentials I needed in my life … ra ra skirts, apricot kernel

Let’s go shopping: guilt-free Easter treats

Shopping: guilt-free Easter treats

Easter for us is usually a time to re-group at home, enjoy the beach if it’s putting on an autumn show and consume a small(ish) mountain in quality chocolate. I also seem to be drawn to anything vaguely chocolate-related. ‘Tis the season and all that. Chocolate martinis, chocolate body butter … you name it, it’s

Styling You goes shopping on The Great South East

The Great South East

Visiting the Sunshine Coast in the near future? Check out this segment from The Great South East, in which I was asked to share some of my favourite shopping spots. For information about what I wore and the professionals I called in to complete the TV shoot here, it’s all in this post from late

Let’s go shopping: pantone green

Shopping Pantone Green

I’ve been hanging out to do a post dedicated to the Pantone colour for 2013 and I thought there was no better time to celebrate all things green than two days before St Patrick’s Day, when I’m sure you’ll be downing a green beer or two … Now, for those not in the loop, Pantone

Let’s go shopping: autumn 2013 workwear

12 autumn 2013 workwear ideas

Regulars here will know that it’s coming up to five years since I graced an office with my presence, arriving as early as possible to ensure not being left with a dodgy chair. There was also a time that arriving punctually ensured you also had a computer terminal to work at. Handy things those computers

12 tips for where to shop in Melbourne

12 Melbourne Shopping Tips

It’s no secret that when I hit a new city, country – or small town for that matter – I like to suss out the shops. It’s in my genetic makeup, I’m sure 😉 There’s something way more relaxing about the browsing that takes place away from home. You’re not really shopping with a specific

Wardrobe boot camp: what to wear on the weekend

What to wear on the weekend

Editor’s note: This is series in which we help Styling You readers solve a particular wardrobe or clothing crisis with a little advice and some shopping suggestions. If you think you’d like to be featured as part of a Wardrobe Boot Camp post, then please email me ( with a couple of photos and a brief

Let’s go shopping: autumn 2013 trends

15 autumn 2013 trends

Hello autumn, you’re looking mighty fine. Pinch and a punch and all that. I’m ready for you, yes I am. This wearing not very much thing is great when we’re in the thick of summer holidays and hanging out at the beach all day but now I’m ready for more. More layering. An injection of

Let’s go shopping: polka dots

polka dots 12 ways

I’ve been feeling a bit dotty of late. Stripes will always be my number one fashion print love {and judging by this snap poll on the Styling You Facebook page last night, most of you share this fashion sentiment} but – and you know by now that there is always a but – if you’re wanting

10 formal dress shopping tips

10 formal dress shopping tips

Editor’s note: Last year I had it fairly easy as far as school formal shopping goes because it was my eldest son’s event. We bought him a suit that will get a lot of wear this year at university balls. Now, it’s my daughter’s turn but even that’s turning out easier than I anticipated. We

Let’s go shopping: Peplum

Peplum 12 ways

Like those graphic pants I trotted out this week, peplum is another fashion style I thought I’d never see taking up valuable space in my wardrobe. But it has. If you missed the post, click on over and have a quick look-see. It’s not that I don’t like the look of it. It’s just that

Let’s go shopping: back to work outfits

Let's go shopping: Back to work

This time of year – the time after we’ve all hauled our sorry bums off the beach, out of swimsuits and into regular clothes – is one of the most difficult times in which to dress. I’m pretty lucky. I work from home so I can keep things casual most of the time but next week

Postcards from Bali: A little shopping


My children are indeed genetically linked to me. I know I was present at each of their births but to have none of them raise objections to devoting a big chunk of the first full-day of our holiday in Bali to shopping? Well, that … that just confirmed the ties that bind us. Until …

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