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Your style questions answered

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This is the second post in a series I’ve started on the blog that helps get your style questions answered (you can read the first here). My aim is to answer a few of the style questions that land in my inbox. I’m thinking that if one person has asked the question, there’s a fair chance

Mother’s Day giveaway – win 1 of 24 prizes valued at $3720


This Mother’s Day giveaway is all about spoiling you, or a mum you love; that may be a friend, relative or your own mum. With prizes designed to bring a sparkle to any woman’s eye this Mother’s Day, there is something for everyone in this giveaway. If it’s something to brighten up your home that

How to update your wardrobe with AW14 fashion trends

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Sponsored by Westfield Hello March. I see you and recognise you for what you are. You tease us by being “officially” autumn but still offer up more than a glimpse back at summer too. It’s about this time that we start to get a bit twitchy with our wardrobes. All perfectly natural fashion behaviour. Our

Teenage style: what to wear to university

FEATURED What to wear to uni

It’s been a year since I wrote this post about moving my son into residential college at uni. He survived his first year, discovered a new world of socialising and has been counting down the days until he returns in a week and a half. Miss SY? She’s following in his footsteps. And mine. I

Fashion giveaway: WIN 1 of 18 prizes valued at $5533

fashion-giveaway-collage-v4 feature

Discovering new, independent Australian designers and online stores can be like finding a diamond in the rough.  There are so many amazing Australian retailers and writing Styling You has opened our wardrobe doors to a number of talented individuals that have become firm favourites. This fashion giveaway is all about showcasing some of these businesses –

3 Australia Day outfits that don’t feature denim underpants

FEATURED Australia Day outfits at the beach

This time last year we spent Australia Day in Bali on a day trip to Lembongan. Plenty of Aussies on board the boat but lots of other nationalities too. No pavlova or Triple J’s Hottest 100 though. This year we’re hosting our families. Not a huge gathering but a gathering all the same. The cool

How to shop for beauty gifts for women

FEATURED Top 12 beauty gifts 2013

I know that there are very few men who read Styling You (if you ARE male and read here, it’s time to de-lurk in the comments below … we promise we’ll be kind) so this post is the kind that you might want to print out or send a link to the gift-buying male in your

Spring wardrobe essentials: shoes

FEATURED spring shoe essentials 2013

Have you been playing along with the SY spring wardrobe essentials mini-series? If not, you can quickly catch up to speed. We’ve already talked weekend and casual wear and office or workwear. In both of those posts shoes have been featured but, to me, shoes need a whole post of their own. Why? Because the

Spring wardrobe essentials: workwear

FEATURED spring wardrobe essentials workwear skirt

Did you catch last week’s post about spring wardrobe essentials for the weekend – or during the week if, like me, you pretty much wear casual every day? This week, as part of my spring wardrobe essentials mini-series, I’m putting my best working foot forward. Yes, I’m lucky enough to work at home (if lucky

Spring wardrobe essentials: weekend wear

FEATURED spring weekend frock

Spring has almost sprung so I thought it would be timely to start a mini-series here on the blog, highlighting some spring wardrobe essentials that you might like to consider this season. Maybe you’ve only just started looking but are a bit lost on where to look for a style update that might suit you?

Things I’m loving plus shopping and fashion newsy bits

Freedom Furniture Brooklyn leather sofas

I must say it’s so, SO good to have energy. Funny how we take it for granted until it’s whisked away from us. In my case it was in the form of a nasty winter virus. It’s still lingering but it was enough to send me into a healthy, no-drinking campaign. Before implementing such a

13 things I’m loving right now

Fire pit, red wine, soft pants and emu australia boots

Hello winter. I see you. I feel you in my toes and I embrace you with all your wool and mulled-wine goodness. I am so lucky where I live that winter is fleeting and usually comes with mild daytime temperatures. It’s not an inconvenience at all. Especially as I know that in three months’ time

The flats for women on the move

Rockport Seaworthy loafers at The Athlete's Foot

Sponsored by The Athlete’s Foot At the end of last winter I had to give my favourite black ballet flats a ceremonial farewell. They had served me well on many an occasion through autumn and winter. My go-to flats; my no-think, just wear flats … they had never let me down. Until that fateful day

Let’s Go Shopping: Lace


Editor’s note: I’m away this week. Helping me out are some of my blogging friends. Because I commission these posts and these bloggers are helping me to keep my blog running while I’m away from regular duties, I’ll also be paying them for their contributions. Today, say hello to the lovely Melinda from Shop Me

Let’s go shopping: black leather pants and skirts

5 leather skirts

I’m going to call it. If you buy one new clothing piece this autumn-winter, then make it either a pair of black leather pants or a black leather skirt. Now, before you go clicking away thinking oh my God the girl’s really lost it this time, stick with me while I explain where my head

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