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Postcards from Bali: The beaches

Nusa Dua, Bali

Our first sighting of a Balinese beach was on our first morning here on the island. We were up and ready early. As you do in Australia to catch the best of the beach conditions. Turns out that that doesn’t happen in Bali. Despite the UV rating being off the charts, no-one was on the

Postcards from Bali: The hills

Rice terraces, Ubud, Bali

We stepped out of our driver’s car and experienced something we hadn’t experienced – here or back home – since last winter. Cool air. Yes, on this island close to the equator we actually felt a little underdressed. We were less than two hours from our villa in Seminyak but seemingly a million miles from

Postcards from Bali: Water play

Water Bom Park, Bali | fish spa

I’m a veteran of water parks and water slides from way back. One of my earliest water slide experiences re-opened recently after many years. This particular slide near where I now live follows the contour of a steep hill. Back in the day, urban myths abounded of people actually getting so much “air” on one particular bend

Postcards from Bali: A little shopping


My children are indeed genetically linked to me. I know I was present at each of their births but to have none of them raise objections to devoting a big chunk of the first full-day of our holiday in Bali to shopping? Well, that … that just confirmed the ties that bind us. Until …

Postcards from Bali: The Arrival

Postcards from Bali: Seminyak | Bali Swiss Villa

The moment we stepped out of Denpasar Airport yesterday afternoon I was immediately grateful for recent spate of hot, humid weather back home. Except for an air-conditioned six-hour flight, we were pretty much ready for the wall of thick, heavy air with which our bodies were slammed. And as the hotel driver ducked and weaved

Date Night thanks to Hilton HHonors {plus win your own}

Hilton Brisbane | Hilton HHonors weekend

Sponsored by Hilton HHonors Mr SY works smack bang in the centre of Brisbane city. Surrounded by innumerable shops, restaurants and bars. Most Friday nights as he walks past those aforementioned shops, restaurants and bars on his way to the train station to hot foot it back up the highway to home, he laments not being able

Summer in Sydney, Girlfriend Style


Sponsored by As I stepped into the lift, the music switched from upbeat dance music to Elvis crooning … Are You Lonesome Tonight? I wanted to stamp my feet. No I’m NOT lonesome. I wanted to protest that I was actually on my way out. To dinner. With a girlfriend. Thank-you very much. Being

The island mini-break outfits {plus top 5 things to do on Straddie}


It had been too long between visits. Four years too long to be precise. North Stradbroke Island, just a 40-minute barge ride across Moreton Bay from Brisbane, is one of those places the effect of even a single visit can stake a claim on your heart forever. It’s also one of those places that I

Where is your favourite Secret Spot?

Secret Spot | Hooroo | Cotton Tree | The Boatshed

Sponsored by Hooroo Let’s play a little game, shall we? I’m going to share with you some photos from one of my favourite places here on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, where I live. It’s kind of my Secret Spot. Except that it’s not a very well kept secret. It’s a secret spot shared and

Want to mix and mingle with Aussie celebs at G’day USA in LA?


Sponsored post I am sad. It is October and I can no longer say I was in the US “last month”. But humour me please as I continue to reminisce and generally cast a gorgeous, bubbly glow over the whole trip. I haven’t much talked about the LA part, have I? It was a bit

Don’t just dream about a beach holiday in Asia, win it!

A re-charge holiday is my kind of holiday | Koh Samui Thailand

Sponsored post About time eight years ago I woke up each day to the sun rising over the waters of the Gulf of Thailand. I’d give the sun a cursory glance, snap a photo and roll over again in my gazillion-thread-count white sheets. The sun, the water? It could wait. I was on my HONEYMOON

Disneyland tips and tricks learned discovering this not so small world

Disneyland tips and tricks

There once was a little girl. Her name was Nicole and she was a child of the ’70s in regional Australia. She grew up on a diet of bike riding, Vegemite on white bread sandwiches and two channels on a black and white TV. Her grandparents travelled the world and so it would come to pass that

10 things you must do in New York City

New York City: 10 things you must do

As we were checking out of our hotel, we met a couple travelling to New York from Australia. They were in the city for 10 days and the husband wished they’d only booked seven. They’d run out of things to do. WTF. How is that even possible? As for us, we barely scratched the surface

New York postcard: The Hudson Hotel

Hudson Hotel, New York City

You’re familiar with the term “happy ending” are you not? Well, I’m here today to tell you a little story about a different happy ending. And ending that indeed made us very happy but not in a “I just had a special massage” kind of way. And that happy ending for us was the moment

New York postcard: sunset sailing on the Hudson River

Date night: sunset sailing on the Hudson River, New York City

Last night was one of those mushy, romantic moments that will stick with me forever. It was up there with the cliff-side dinner we had on Santorini 10 years ago. It was up there with sitting beachside eating Thai during our honeymoon on Koh Samui. Mr Styling You and I had a date night. In.

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