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9 Easter tips to embrace these holidays

9 Easter tips

Hello Easter holidays. I see you. Almost. If you have kids then your week has probably been as bonkers as mine has been. The homework may have eased off but the end-of-term craziness will have not. A big tick for us is that the youngest member of the SY clan has settled in really well to

My health story – an update

My health story an update

I honestly didn’t expect the response I received to the post I wrote about my 2013 health story – published in between finishing off the Christmas ham and packing boxes for our move to Brisbane. I’d been chipping away at changes to what and how I ate plus discovering that gentle exercise was not only

Things I’m loving

Things I'm loving - cushions

It’s very quiet around these parts of late. Our family of five is just three. It’s very quiet on the home front and I keep cooking way too much at each meal time. Master SY senior has moved back to his residential college on campus at uni and Miss SY has moved in and started

Escape to Spicers Hidden Vale

Spicers Hidden Vale

For the past two months or so, I’ve been absorbing everything city life. I’ve been asked on many occasion if I miss the beach after our move from the Sunshine Coast. This question usually illicits a tilt of the head and a few seconds’ contemplation on my part. And then a, “no”. For now. The

Things I’m loving

Unlock Your Style by Nikki Parkinson Hachette Aug 2014

When I picked up Master SY from school last Friday he told me “it feels like I’ve been here forever”. I tell, you those words were music to my ears. To have him settle so quickly and easily into a new school is just such a weight off the parental side of my brain. Me?

The Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1: an 8YO’s review

FEAT Win-Samsung-GALAXY-Note-10.1

Sponsored by Samsung Master SY Junior has taken over the blog today. He’s sharing with you his thoughts (as an eight-year-old) on the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) after I gave it my verdict on the blog last week. I’ve been impressed to see him work through NAPLAN questions in Samsung’s free Skillsbuilder app. As

How to choose activewear for any size or shape

FEATRURED Female for Life walking

Sponsored by Female For Life I received this email from a SY reader late last year: Hi Nikki, First things first – I love your daily instagram of what you’re wearing, so inspiring! Has expanded my wardrobe no end, AND without spending a single $ – thank you! Now to where I do need to

6 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

FEATURED What-to-wear-Valentines-Day

WARNING: this post comes with a High Schmaltz Content alert Most people I know either fall into two camps: the pro-Valentine’s Day camp or the against-Valentine’s Day camp. Me? I’m very much with the pros. Love me a bit of romance. Yes, I do. And thankfully so does Mr SY. We may have an aversion

The Styling You home office and lady room

Styling You's home office and lady room | office makeover

If you follow along on Instagram, you would know that last week the final piece in my home office and lady room decorating puzzle arrived. So I’m finally ready to share my new workspace with you. It’s a bit of a milestone moment for Styling You – I started out on the lounge room sofa

Win a Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1

Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1

Sponsored by Samsung Yesterday was my son’s first day at his new school. Were you ever that kid? The one new to the school? The one with the crisp uniform in need of at least a term’s worth of washing machine love to bring it into line with the other kids? The one looking tentative

Weekend recipe: Italian bean salad with quinoa

featured Italian bean salad

Summer is still very much upon us. Thinking a lot of my southern style sisters who are doing it tough right now in trying heatwave conditions. When the weather is hotter than hot, I mainly resort to salad and some kind of protein cooked on the barbecue as a dinner staple. Now, I’ve made some

2014. So far.

FEATURED Retro pool lounges

A couple of years ago I worked with the very talented, ace and rad (words I hadn’t used before that time) blogger, crafter and author Pip Lincolne. I thought of her quite a bit over the weekend with the burning down of Stokehouse restaurant at St Kilda in Melbourne as that’s where we actually finally met

How to minimise moving house stress

FEATURED 15 tips to minimise moving house stress-0000

I’m sitting here with a stress headache and feel completely under qualified to write a post about how to minimise moving house stress. I’m so damn tired and have ONCE AGAIN spent the morning listening to annoying on-hold music while ONCE AGAIN trying to get internet* connected at our new house – a relocation order

Farewell Sunshine Coast. It’s been swell

Featured Sunshine Coast

As you read this post, our “life” is being loaded on to a big truck. Destination Brisbane. This farewell has been a long time coming. It’s been part of our long-term plan since Mr SY took his first job in Brisbane five and a half years ago. Planning and prepping for this moment does make

Styling You’s 2013 highlights

Featured Happy New Year

I’ve been getting a bit reflective – as I’m wont to do at this time of year. Reflections are good, don’t you think? For me, it’s a chance to stop and actually take stock and be grateful for everything that’s happened in 2013 – personally and professionally. And it’s been a big year on both

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