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Want to rediscover your mojo?

Sponsored by Metamucil My name is Nikki and I’m a chronic multi-tasker. There is a big reason why my word for the year is FOCUS. I’m using that word as a means of helping to snap my multi-tasking brain back to the task at hand. I know this will make me more productive but I

My health story – an update

Editor’s note: This post is not meant as medical advice that would necessarily work for you – please see your health care professional/s and work together on a plan that works for you. I sat in my GP’s rooms last week with my latest blood tests up on the computer screen for us to check.

Let’s talk about breast health

Sponsored by Genius 3D Mammography and difw Let’s talk about breasts. Mostly when I talk about boobs here on the blog I’m encouraging you to book in for a fitting to wrangle them into a bra that gives your girls the support or uplift they need. Today, I’m talking about bosies in the hope that you’ll be even more

Styling You ambassador for PeriCoach

Last week I headed off to Brisbane’s show – the EKKA – with Mr and Master SY. After the compulsory strawberry sundae (it’s an iconic EKKA thing – a $5 layered cone of vanilla ice cream, chopped strawberries, gourmet strawberry ice cream, fresh cream and a strawberry on top – plus all funds raised from

How to set fitness goals and keep them

Sponsored by Female for Life My name is Nikki and I’m missing my regular exercise routine. Yes, I don’t know who I am either. On my recent holidays I was definitely active. I managed a couple of quick yoga sessions using an app on my iPad and we did some serious walking most days (hello 7km

My health story – an update

Editor’s note: This is not medical advice that would necessarily work for you – please see your health care professional/s and work together on a plan that works for you. My alarm went off at 5.30am this morning. Like it does two mornings each week so I make it to my 6am yoga classes. There

How’s your pelvic floor holding up?

Sponsored by PeriCoach Squats. Star jumps. Laughing. Sneezing. Coughing. Dancing. Splashing around in a pool. Bending over. Jumping on a trampoline. Doing the dishes. Lifting up a heavy suitcase. Downward facing dogs. What do all these things have in common? The ability to bring on a bladder leakage, that’s what. Well, they do in me.

Escape to Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui

Sponsored by Female for Life My German yoga instructor congratulates us for our energy in the afternoon class. Enjoy your evening, she says … your detox juices … I’ll be having a gin and tonic she says with a wide smile. Her quirky sense of humour is not lost on me. It’s Friday night. I’m on

What to pack for a health retreat holiday

Sponsored by Female for Life Somebody pinch me. In less than a month I’ll be winging my way to Koh Samui, Thailand, to spend the good part of a week at a health retreat. Absolute Sanctuary to be exact. Now, the last time (and my first visit) I visited Koh Samui, it was our honeymoon – 10

7 tips for getting your healthy living routine back on track

Sponsored by Female for Life I don’t know about you but January is a pretty silly time of the year, isn’t it? Even if you don’t go away on holidays, there is just a more relaxed, non-routine vibe in the air. I actually crave that non-routine silliness after a busy, scheduled year. Not having to

Meet the personal trainer for your pelvic floor – the PeriCoach

Sponsored by PeriCoach Hands up if one of your goals for 2015 was to get your pelvic floor muscles in tip-top condition? Yep, didn’t think so. I don’t think it would have been one of my goals either until I heard about the PeriCoach device. I guess the easiest way for me to describe the

Love your body: WIN a $10K wellness trip to Thailand

Sponsored by Female for Life Take that mince pie out of your mouth (well put it down for later) because have I got the ultimate motivation to love your body through the festive season? A 7-night wellness retreat to Absolute Sanctuary, Koh Samui, Thailand. YES! One very lucky Styling You reader will get to join me

10 tips for surviving the party season

Sponsored by Female for Life There is a pile of washing folded on my bed. Most of it is active wear. When I travel, my suitcase always contains a set of said activewear and my sneakers. I don’t even know who I am any more. But I do like this person I’ve become. I don’t

This is what smoking does to your skin

Sponsored by Queensland Health I do not know how I did NOT become a smoker. At one point in my young life, my boyfriend, both parents and two brothers all smoked. Inside the house. When I started work as a journo, many of my colleagues smoked. At their desks. It’s quite incredulous today to believe

Make health your priority for lasting change

Sponsored by Fernwood Fitness I’m not a health professional and I’m not a fitness guru. I’m just a woman who has always had to work hard at losing or even maintaining my weight. An underlying health issue – Hashimoto’s – does not help my efforts (you can catch up with my back story on that

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