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Weekend recipe: Italian bean salad with quinoa

Summer is still very much upon us. Thinking a lot of my southern style sisters who are doing it tough right now in trying heatwave conditions. When the weather is hotter than hot, I mainly resort to salad and some kind of protein cooked on the barbecue as a dinner staple. Now, I’ve made some

How to serve one Christmas cake three ways

Although I’m perfectly comfortable tackling sexy subjects like mojo and bondage on my blog – Keeping Up With The Holsbys  – I did not come to visit Nikki to talk about ménage a trois as such. I’m actually talking about a trio of cake. Sincerest apologies if I snagged you under false pretences. After juggling

Weekend recipe: iced black coffee

Sponsored by L’OR Espresso There are two gadgets on our kitchen bench that get daily love – our Thermomix and our Nespresso machine. The Nespresso machine cost us about about a eleventy billion times less than the Thermo and, if I were inclined to do the numbers, which I am not as I’m not a

How to create a gluten-free high tea menu

Sponsored by Woolworths I took you through my gluten-free story here. It’s something that resonated with many of you and I’m glad I opened the discussion here about it. Making the decision to eliminate a whole category of food from your diet is not something to be taken lightly and is preferably done with advice

Weekend recipe: gluten-free macaroni and cheese

Sponsored by Woolworths Someone told me recently that the thing we most crave to eat or drink is what we should most probably give up. Not really the advice we like to hear, is it? For me, though, it made a lot of sense around my body and gluten. Before giving up gluten three and

Weekend recipe: Gwinganna tahini balls

At dinner on the first night of my recent stay at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat we’d already feasted on some beautiful tastes of the organic cuisine we would come to expect more of during our stay. Some of us may have wondered out loud as to whether there would be dessert. After all they’d served us

Weekend recipe: the French martini

I’m doing a detox at the moment, re-booting the system and all that. It’s something I do once or twice a year, planning it around an often packed calendar to minimise impact on any planned social occasions. Tonight, as I’ve done for the past three Friday nights, I’ll pour some fancy, schmancy mineral water into

Weekend recipe: rocket pesto with activated nuts

If you’re still with me even though I’m confessing up to being a lover of activated nuts, thank-you. Yes, I too, laughed along with the rest of Australia when chef and TV personality Peter Evans shared his daily food menu and included activated nuts on the list but I’ve literally had to eat humbled nuts

Things I’m loving plus shopping and fashion newsy bits

I must say it’s so, SO good to have energy. Funny how we take it for granted until it’s whisked away from us. In my case it was in the form of a nasty winter virus. It’s still lingering but it was enough to send me into a healthy, no-drinking campaign. Before implementing such a

Weekend recipe: gluten-free apple crumble

We’ve been embracing all things winter around here … putting lamps on and lighting candles at 5pm … making and enjoying mulled wine … and cooking up hearty food. Come the weekend, we’re also just as likely to embrace a winter dessert if we’re staying in. On this particular occasion, the fruit bowl was offering

Weekend recipe: garlic and rosemary baked kipflers

Being of the gluten-free persuasion, I’m not one for a whole lot of carbohydrate consumption. Don’t get me wrong, I love carbs. It’s just that whenever I cook up pasta or pizza for the rest of the tribe, I’m more likely to go without than to substitute with something that basically equates to the nutritional

Weekend recipe: Choc Philly Choc Chunk Cookies

During school holidays it seems almost impossible to keep up with the food demands of a house filled with kids and teens. Baking is definitely something that stretches that food budget further and usually I’ve got the ingredients sitting in the cupboard ready to go. Or I’ll improvise. This week’s improvisation came about because of

Back to 1973: the food and the fashion

The reason for my embracing winter in Australia and taking a trip to New South Wales’ Southern Highlands? An invitation too good to refuse, that’s what. My good friend Mrs Woog is turning 40 next month and she happily agreed to start her birthday festival at a BabyMac-hosted dinner, which celebrated all things 1973 …

Weekend recipe: chicken and vegetable sausage rolls

As with most of the recipes I feature here on the blog, they first get a showing on Instagram. I don’t know what it is with the people who follow Styling You on Instagram. They are always bang up for a foodie image and I like it. Sweet stuff usually gets a good response but so

Weekend recipe: flourless peanut butter chocolate cake

I’ve been baking cakes since I was about nine years old. Back when all I had at my disposal for mixing them was an old rotary beater from the ’60s. Apparently those beaters are worth a bit now … collectors’ items … wish I’d kept it instead of getting so excited at the arrival of

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