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How’s your pelvic floor holding up?


Sponsored by PeriCoach Squats. Star jumps. Laughing. Sneezing. Coughing. Dancing. Splashing around in a pool. Bending over. Jumping on a trampoline. Doing the dishes. Lifting up a heavy suitcase. Downward facing dogs. What do all these things have in common? The ability to bring on a bladder leakage, that’s what. Well, they do in me.

8 tips for life from Lisa Messenger


Here’s where I confess to executing a total fan-girl moment. It’s true. It happened last Friday when I was in Sydney for my sponsorship and advertising agency’s annual conference and third birthday celebrations. Founder of the Collective Hub magazine (and author and speaker) Lisa Messenger was our final speaker for the event. Talk about end

How to update your bedroom

FEATURED Valspar Bedroom Makeover-0003

Sponsored by Valspar – The Future of Paint It’s no surprise that I like to update my wardrobe but unless you follow me on Instagram you may not be aware that I also like to update things around the home. The first thing I did more than 12 months ago when we moved into our Brisbane

Mother’s Day 2015

featured Mother's Day 2015

Mother’s Day is a funny day for me. I’m a mum and I do love the spoiling but I’m also a mum who has lost her mum. And my husband has lost his mum too. The pleasure in indulging in a day for me is tainted by the missing mums in our lives. And I

What to wear on a long-haul flight

FEATURED Etihad Business Studio-0015

I love flying. Have done since I was a small child and wore my TAA “The Friendly Way” Junior Flyer badge with pride. I’d have the hostesses (back when they were called hostesses) fill in my logbook with every flight – mostly on fokker friendship planes between Maryborough and Brisbane. We dressed up for flying.

Escape to Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui

FEATURED Absolute Sanctuary-0020

Sponsored by Female for Life My German yoga instructor congratulates us for our energy in the afternoon class. Enjoy your evening, she says … your detox juices … I’ll be having a gin and tonic she says with a wide smile. Her quirky sense of humour is not lost on me. It’s Friday night. I’m on

10 books to read right now

books feature

Editor’s note: Please welcome today’s guest blogger: Deborah and I go way back … to primary school in regional Queensland. As a nine-year-old I was in awe of her jazz ballet skills and as a fellow 40-something, I’m in awe of her voracious reading. Each month she’ll now also be sharing her favourite reads with Styling

Mother’s Day giveaway: win 1 of 21 prizes valued at $3152

Styling You Mother's Day giveaway 2015

It’s that wonderful time of year, when we celebrate the mothers in our life. You may be a mum yourself, and choose to keep your prize, or perhaps you plan to give it to a special mother you know could use a reminder of how loved they are.  Either way, you’ll really want to enter

Escape to Byron Bay


The family and work planets aligned on the weekend and planted us back in Northern New South Wales’ beautiful Byron Bay – almost a year since we last visited. Miss SY had a 21st to attend and is still trying to get her hours sorted for her licence so wanted to drive. Mr SY wanted to

Escape to the QT Gold Coast


Since we moved from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane so many have asked us whether we miss the beach. DER! Of COURSE we miss the beach. Having it on our doorstep was something we tried not to take for granted when we lived at the Coast. This meant that most holidays and long weekends we’d

What to pack for a health retreat holiday


Sponsored by Female for Life Somebody pinch me. In less than a month I’ll be winging my way to Koh Samui, Thailand, to spend the good part of a week at a health retreat. Absolute Sanctuary to be exact. Now, the last time (and my first visit) I visited Koh Samui, it was our honeymoon – 10

Escape to the Crown Metropol Melbourne

FEATURED crown spa

A few years ago Mr SY called me from a hotel in Melbourne where his employers had put him up for the night. To tell me how GREAT it was and how much I would love to stay there. So instead of cooking dinner or something equally mundane, I took to Google to take a

How to pose for photos + WIN an Olympus selfie camera

FEATURED Olympus selfie lunch

Sponsored by Olympus Australia I have two friends who are former models. The only former thing about them is that they no longer model professionally. They are utterly gorgeous, tall and know how to pose for a photo. Now, most people might shy away from being in a photo with a model – former or

The Model and Me: Maiocchi

FEATURED maiocchi

The majority of my wardrobe is what I classify as smart casual. This makes sense as I work from home. But. I do attend networking functions and business lunches or meetings. For those times, I need to have a number of go-to frocks on hand to meet the occasion. Ideally, they’re frocks that don’t require

One pot wonder recipes to make your life easier


Towards the end of last year, when I was well and truly over the nightly catering gig and the teenagers had moved back home – meaning the catering was essentially now for four adults and one child – I cottoned on to my mate BabyMac‘s biggest cooking secret. The harnessing of the large Scanpan roasting

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