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Affordable Winter Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

Editor’s note: The gorgeous Jasmine Hunt from Pretty Chuffed had her second baby late last year and is on the blog with tips on creating an affordable capsule maternity wardrobe.  Ahh, maternity wear. Whilst you might only be pregnant for nine (well, technically ten) months of your life, it can arguably be the most challenging, wardrobe-wise. Firstly,

The 7 most comfortable jeans that fit like a boss

Not so long back – about 11 years in fact – I struggled to find a pair of jeans that worked for my shape. Like. REALLY struggled. For most of my adult life. I’m a size 16 around the hips. My bottom is wide and flat and extremely pancake-like. I have a front bottom. My legs

15-piece autumn-winter basics capsule wardrobe

There are two key factors involved in a wardrobe that always delivers you something to wear. Both are pretty obvious but both are things we are all prone to not concentrating on. I know this because my failing at these two factors was very much the reason why, for such a long time, I felt like I

How to wear denim autumn 2016

Denim on denim on denim. If there is one style of clothing that endures, it’s anything made from this hard-wearing cotton twill fabric. All shades of blue denim may be most popular but white and black hold their own in a sea of blue. The real women of #everydaystyle love a challenge and they’ve offered up

Teacher style AW16

Editor’s note: sharing her style on the blog is What The Teacher Wears blogger, Alex Paterson. I met Alex and discovered that there is a whole world out there of teachers sharing their style. It’s far from the teacher style I knew back in the day and even if you’re not a teacher you’ll be

15-piece autumn-winter 2016 capsule wardrobe

There is a crispness in the air that I can no longer deny. Sure, the days might still be warm (especially where I live) but as soon as the sun goes down, we are reaching for a wardrobe piece to keep us warm. Welcome to the trans-seasonal autumn-winter season, where layering is key to outfit

7 ways to wear a denim shirt

I learned long ago on my style journey to never say I wouldn’t revisit a fashion trend that I tried the first time it came around. Why? Because such nonsense will inevitably come back to bite me on my wide-but-flat-as-a-pancake bottom. Let me give you some examples where I’ve gone back on my word and embraced

Teenage style: how to update your autumn-winter wardrobe

Editor’s note: Sammy is Miss SY’s best friend from school and a journalism/PR student. Each month she shares some style and beauty tips that are relevant to teenage girls of all ages – please leave us a question if you have a teenage style/beauty question you’d like answered. Autumn-winter fashion. My favourite. In fact, I’ll let you

How to create an autumn workwear capsule wardrobe

The fashion seasons have a changed and the weather is also catching up with the change in some parts of Australia. If you’re a Monday-Friday office worker then you’re probably on the look out for pieces that can freshen up your existing work wardrobe. This is a very good time for that. Most stores have

Tween style – autumn-winter

Editor’s note: please welcome today’s guest blogger Kim Abbate from Life With Tweens. With a tween of her own, she will contribute a regular post on age-appropriate tween style to help those of us with kids in that awkward stage. Do you remember the days when Dolly magazine was a bible and you would pore over

8 ways to add autumnal elements to your outfit

When I announced the #SYAW16 monthly style challenge, I did not know just how much of a challenge it would be. It’s been far from autumnal where I live and, even in the southern states, there has been unseasonably warm weather. BUT. Oh my, the real women of #everydaystyle love a challenge and they’ve offered

How to wear ankle boots – autumn-winter 2016

Sponsored by FRANKiE4 Footwear Do you love an ankle boot as much as I do? For me, they are the dot point to my exclamation mark in just about any autumn-winter outfit. While I have flirted – and will continue to flirt – with their knee-high sisters, ankle boots never let me down. They worry

An affordable capsule wardrobe for new mums

Editor’s note: The gorgeous Jasmine Hunt from Pretty Chuffed had her second baby late last year and is back on the blog with tips on creating an affordable capsule wardrobe for mums with young babies. Jasmine will also be popping up here more frequently this year with great style tips for stay-at-home mums. I’m not going to lie

How to pack for a long weekend

Are you heading away for the Easter long weekend? Camping? Hitting the beach for the last blast of warm weather? Because I’m nosey, I want to know what everyone is up to. And because I’m a reformed packer, I want to know what everyone is packing for their particular destination. We’ve managed to carve out a

15-piece underwear essentials capsule wardrobe

We’re going to get a bit personal. I’m going to delve into my smalls’ drawer and I’m going to encourage you to do the same. See, we can have all the clothes in the world but if we don’t have all the underwear essentials on hand, then our outfits can be seriously let down. At

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