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How to pack for a long weekend

Are you heading away for the Easter long weekend? Camping? Hitting the beach for the last blast of warm weather? Because I’m nosey, I want to know what everyone is up to. And because I’m a reformed packer, I want to know what everyone is packing for their particular destination. We’ve managed to carve out a

15-piece underwear essentials capsule wardrobe

We’re going to get a bit personal. I’m going to delve into my smalls’ drawer and I’m going to encourage you to do the same. See, we can have all the clothes in the world but if we don’t have all the underwear essentials on hand, then our outfits can be seriously let down. At

How to get Julia Morris’ wardrobe

“It just screams jungle yet again. I just love it.” Julia Morris, you crack me up with every outfit, every innuendo pointed in Dr Chris Brown’s general direction and your insistence on wearing anything BUT jungle … when in the jungle. Julia is comic royalty in Australia and is currently ensconced in the African jungle

How to dress when it’s hot (#everydaystyle inspiration)

Today is officially the first day of autumn in Australia but it seems that the weather gods failed to get the memo that we’re very ready to change up our wardrobes. Thankfully throughout February the real women of #everydaystyle have provided us with much inspiration for how to dress when it’s hot, sharing their style via

What to pack for a holiday

I’m one of those people who loves “holiday spam” photos flooding my Instagram and Facebook feed. I’m intrinsically nosey and I want to know all the things. I want to know where people are heading to, what they’re seeing, what they’re eating, where to do the best shopping, where they pour the best cocktails and

What to wear on a date night

I’m as schmaltzy as it comes when it comes to hanging out with my significant other. I know it’s not how everyone’s relationship works but, for us, carving out couple time in two busy schedules is a priority. And anyone with kids knows that this is not as easy thing to achieve. We have it

What to wear when breastfeeding

Editor’s note: The gorgeous Jasmine Hunt from Pretty Chuffed had her second baby late last year and is back on the blog with tips on what to wear while breastfeeding. Jasmine will also be popping up here more frequently this year with great style tips for stay-at-home mums. You may also find breastfeeding style tips in this post. Pregnancy, birth

35 ways to shake up your style in 2016

Shaking up – or unlocking – your style is a way to help you feel good about yourself. It’s an outside-in mentality for me. If I’m feeling good about what I’ve dressed myself in, then my mood in generally better and I’m more motivated to do whatever the day has planned for me. This philosophy

How to refresh your summer teaching wardrobe

Editor’s note: sharing her style on the blog is What The Teacher Wears blogger, Alex Paterson. I met Alex and discovered that there is a whole world out there of teachers sharing their style. It’s far from the teacher style I knew back in the day and even if you’re not a teacher you’ll be

How to create a summer casual capsule wardrobe

Seven-plus years ago when I kissed my former career and a Monday-Friday office gig goodbye, I was initially excited at the prospect of not necessarily having to get dressed up to do work. I say initially because, honestly, I was quickly at a bit of a wardrobe loss. Going from one wardrobe extreme to the other will

How to create a summer workwear capsule wardrobe

This is the time of year that typically a lot of women are returning to work – either after a break or to the workforce because daycare spots are more likely to be available at the beginning of a year as older kids move out of daycare and into school. It’s also a time of

THE dress of summer 2016

HELLO. It’s me. No, not Adele. It’s ME. I’m back. How good is a summer break if you can swing it? We did indeed swing it and had a week at the beach (more on that here). Today I had the need to touch on a wardrobe subject that’s become something of an obsession. I’m

How to shop the sales

It seems that anyone who left their Christmas shopping until the last minute has been rewarded. Not with quiet shopping centres, empty carparks and queue-less checkouts. No. They’ve been rewarded with sales that seem to each year get an even bigger jump on the traditional Boxing Day sales. Don’t worry though, if you’ve got a

What to wear New Year’s Eve

The last evening of the year seems to be something that we spend a lot of time anticipating but that doesn’t necessarily pan out to be a GREAT night. If you have kids and don’t have a selfless babysitter on tap then the reality is a night in hoping that you’ll stay awake past the kids’ fireworks;

What to pack for a cruise holiday

Last week I popped my cruising cherry. Yes, 40 years after falling in love with the concept of cruising via The Love Boat and wishing that all things on TV could become real, it did. Master SY and I boarded the US$50million refurbished Royal Caribbean Legend of the Seas (as guests of the cruise company) for

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