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7 ways to add texture to winter outfits

I was at the butchers yesterday and a woman accidentally bumped into me. You know if you do that to someone else, your natural instinct is to give that person a reassuring pat on the shoulder as you say sorry? Well yesterday, the reassuring pat I was on the receiving end of as I almost

What to pack for Hawaii

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away it was the mid ’80s and this university girl was known to fall immediately to the floor of any club – not because she had consumed too many beers. Actually the beer consumption may have helped with removing any fear from making such a fast vertical drop

How to create a winter workwear capsule wardrobe

Getting up and out the door for work is a mission at the best of times. Add in a cold, pitch-black morning and you will need to harness every ounce of motivation to leave the home feeling put together. The aim is definitely not to feel bulky in layers of clothes but to feel and look

4 winter outfit ideas that don’t include jeans

My friend Carly (from Smaggle) commented on one of my outfits this week: “Your ‘winter’ style is so amusing to me. I’ve reached Melbourne peak fashion where I wear my down coat all day. I’m a walking ugg boot.” This made me laugh. So much. Because, yes, I am a Queensland girl and our winter attire looks

Are you a personal stylist?

Thanks again for all the lovely birthday wishes. I had a fabulous festival and the best thing is that it is set to continue as my girlfriends all chipped in and bought be a voucher to spend at a day spa. HELLO. Best friends ever. Today, I’ve got a very important task for you. It’s been

How to layer clothes in winter without looking bulky

Pinch and a punch, it’s the first day of the month and the official start to winter. I’ve had a little taste of cooler weather this week and quickly remembered how our Queenslander house is not made for anything but summer. If you can get out into the sun, that’s a whole different story. Winter

19 ways to wear a scarf

I have a situation behind the door to my office/lady room. Said situation involves a colony of scarves. I do not use the word colony lightly as they do indeed seem to be breeding. Tell me the following scenario happens to you? I can be in any store and I’ll find myself magnetically drawn to any

15-piece Nina Proudman capsule wardrobe

There I was last week, salivating over dishes being plated up on Masterchef when this happened: Five seasons of riding the emotional rollercoaster that is life with Nina Proudman rolled into one showreel that nearly broke the interwebs (you can play catch up on the Offspring on Ten Facebook page). Oh NEENS. We’re so ready

Affordable Winter Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

Editor’s note: The gorgeous Jasmine Hunt from Pretty Chuffed had her second baby late last year and is on the blog with tips on creating an affordable capsule maternity wardrobe.  Ahh, maternity wear. Whilst you might only be pregnant for nine (well, technically ten) months of your life, it can arguably be the most challenging, wardrobe-wise. Firstly,

The 7 most comfortable jeans that fit like a boss

Not so long back – about 11 years in fact – I struggled to find a pair of jeans that worked for my shape. Like. REALLY struggled. For most of my adult life. I’m a size 16 around the hips. My bottom is wide and flat and extremely pancake-like. I have a front bottom. My legs

15-piece autumn-winter basics capsule wardrobe

There are two key factors involved in a wardrobe that always delivers you something to wear. Both are pretty obvious but both are things we are all prone to not concentrating on. I know this because my failing at these two factors was very much the reason why, for such a long time, I felt like I

How to wear denim autumn 2016

Denim on denim on denim. If there is one style of clothing that endures, it’s anything made from this hard-wearing cotton twill fabric. All shades of blue denim may be most popular but white and black hold their own in a sea of blue. The real women of #everydaystyle love a challenge and they’ve offered up

Teacher style AW16

Editor’s note: sharing her style on the blog is What The Teacher Wears blogger, Alex Paterson. I met Alex and discovered that there is a whole world out there of teachers sharing their style. It’s far from the teacher style I knew back in the day and even if you’re not a teacher you’ll be

15-piece autumn-winter 2016 capsule wardrobe

There is a crispness in the air that I can no longer deny. Sure, the days might still be warm (especially where I live) but as soon as the sun goes down, we are reaching for a wardrobe piece to keep us warm. Welcome to the trans-seasonal autumn-winter season, where layering is key to outfit

7 ways to wear a denim shirt

I learned long ago on my style journey to never say I wouldn’t revisit a fashion trend that I tried the first time it came around. Why? Because such nonsense will inevitably come back to bite me on my wide-but-flat-as-a-pancake bottom. Let me give you some examples where I’ve gone back on my word and embraced

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