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How to dress for Melbourne Cup Day

FEATURED Melbourne Cup Day luncheon

In two weeks’ time you’ll either be waking up fresh as the day or wondering why your fascinator is still attached to your head. Yes Stylers, the race that stops a nation is off and runnning in under two weeks. Are you planning to be at trackside at Flemington in Melbourne, at a fancy lunch or

What to wear when you are pregnant

What to wear when you are pregnant maternity chic style from the real women of everydaystyle

It’s been eight years and 362 days since I was last pregnant. If I’ve done my maths correctly then that equates to my youngest child turning nine on Monday. Those nine years have disappeared in the blink of an eye. Before then I hadn’t been pregnant for further nine years. SO MUCH had happened in

What to pack for a weekend in Melbourne

What to wear for a girls weekend in Melbourne #everydaystyle

I know a lot of people have been lucky enough to be travelling in recent weeks – either near to home or half way around the world. Not here at SY HQ – work has beckoned. Today’s #everydaystyle post has come about thanks to an SY reader who is looking forward to a weekend away

How to make an outfit look better

how to make an outfit look better | real-women style inspiration #everydaystyle

Can you believe that #everydaystyle is more than six months old? I can’t. What started as a reader request to see more of what I wore every day – not just for special occasions or for blog posts – evolved into a personal challenge for me. I might blog and advise people about fashion and

How to wear prints

How to wear prints

My everyday style has had a fantastic boost this week. I don’t know about you but my wardrobe is in that limbo land between autumn and winter. The warm days mean that winter pieces are lying and hanging there unworn and unloved. We’ve supposedly moved on from summer but then we get a few 25

How to wear leopard print

FEATURED How to wear leopard print Sussan dress.jpg.jpg

I’m not generally a pattern kind of fashion-wearing-chick. I make exceptions for stripes, spots … and leopard print. All classic patterns and ones I can buy safe in the knowledge that they’ll be faithful to me for many a fashion season to come. Today I’m talking about how to wear leopard print because there is

How to wear a scarf

Everyday style outfits of the week - how to wear a scarf

We didn’t need a weather app to tell us that in many parts of Australia this week it was cold. We just had to look to the #everydaystyle feed on Instagram. Unseasonably early winter weather descended even on Brisbane. I embraced it by ceremoniously moving my high summer clothes into the spare wardrobe, switching out

Your style questions answered

FEATURED 5 wardrobe staples if you're on a budget.jpg

This is the third post in a series I’ve started on the blog. You seem to like them so keep those questions coming. Missed last month’s style questions answered post? You can catch up here. Some of your questions make blog posts on their own so I’ll be developing them and posting on the blog

How to wear knee high boots

featured knee high boots

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not abandoning my love of the ankle boot any time soon (if you’d like tips on how to wear those, check out this post from last year) but I’ll always have a soft spot for a knee high boot. I blame it on those white knee highs that Sally Boyden

Your style questions answered

FEATURED style questions answered.jpg

This is the second post in a series I’ve started on the blog that helps get your style questions answered (you can read the first here). My aim is to answer a few of the style questions that land in my inbox. I’m thinking that if one person has asked the question, there’s a fair chance

How to wear a leather jacket

FEATURED how to wear a leather jacket casual.jpg.jpg

Have you noticed that black leather jackets are every where this autumn-winter? It’s the one clothing piece I’m mentally obsessing over and scheming ways in which I can add this investment piece to my wardrobe. And I know I should be actually buying one now because when the time comes that it’s cool enough for

How a cape or kimono jacket can lift a basic outfit

FEATURED kimono jacket .jpg

Whenever I feature a cape or a kimono jacket here on the blog or Instagram, it seems that there are three camps you fall into when it comes to this garment type. 1. You’re already a card-carrying member of the kimono/cape camp. 2. You want to join in but haven’t found the right one for

How to minimise moving house stress

FEATURED 15 tips to minimise moving house stress-0000

I’m sitting here with a stress headache and feel completely under qualified to write a post about how to minimise moving house stress. I’m so damn tired and have ONCE AGAIN spent the morning listening to annoying on-hold music while ONCE AGAIN trying to get internet* connected at our new house – a relocation order

How to shop for beauty gifts for women

FEATURED Top 12 beauty gifts 2013

I know that there are very few men who read Styling You (if you ARE male and read here, it’s time to de-lurk in the comments below … we promise we’ll be kind) so this post is the kind that you might want to print out or send a link to the gift-buying male in your

How to take a compliment about your looks

FEATURED how to take a compliment about your looks 4

Sponsored by Schwarzkopf Australia I’ve just come back from spending six days in Bali with 10 beautiful women. Beautiful women on the inside and out. Beautiful women who know who they are. Beautiful women who are not afraid to show who they are through the clothes and makeup they wear – and the way they

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