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The Model and Me: Surafina

Every Sunday I check the weather app for the forecast before planning out my outfits for the week ahead. I haven’t always done this level of planning but it’s now something that gives me a road map for the week ahead and means that I’m not wasting time each morning deciding what to wear. It

How to dress like Offspring’s Nina Proudman

I tell you all is now right in my world. I had major FOMO while on holidays overseas and unable to access episodes one and two of Offspring series six. Major FOMO. But I’ve put that all behind me and got straight in with the first of the how to dress like Offspring’s Nina Proudman

Join the SY #everydaystyle community

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Styling You community is the best thing to come out of this blogging business. Yes, YOU. You make it so much fun to be here. It’s not just about me broadcasting my thoughts to the world, it’s about starting a conversation and inviting you into

The Model and Me: Sassy Sister

Oh hello, aren’t you looking lovely today. A holiday is extremely lovely but it’s great to be home and back on the blog. More about those Hawaiian adventures tomorrow. In a nutshell … we loved it. Also, stay tuned on the blog this week as we’re launching something very exciting … a special place for

How to dress like Offspring’s Nina Proudman

I cannot wait to catch up on Offspring when I fly in tonight. I don’t care if I’m jetlagged and lacking in sleep. I NEED to know what’s been happening. Today I’m sharing with my interview with one of the members of the wardrobe design team from the show. You get so much intel when

How to dress like Offspring’s Nina Proudman

It’s been almost two years between Offspring de-brief posts here on Styling You. If you’re new to these parts, I’ve been writing “how to dress like Nina Proudman” post since Series 1 (the back catalogue is here). What started as one post where I thought I’d see if anyone else out there was as crazy

7 ways to add texture to winter outfits

I was at the butchers yesterday and a woman accidentally bumped into me. You know if you do that to someone else, your natural instinct is to give that person a reassuring pat on the shoulder as you say sorry? Well yesterday, the reassuring pat I was on the receiving end of as I almost

What to pack for Hawaii

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away it was the mid ’80s and this university girl was known to fall immediately to the floor of any club – not because she had consumed too many beers. Actually the beer consumption may have helped with removing any fear from making such a fast vertical drop

The Model and Me: Surafina

Boy oh boy did the heavens open up here yesterday afternoon. Did you manage to stay dry if they opened for you too? Luckily we didn’t have to be anywhere and it was like being given permission to hunker down and fire up the Netflix offerings. I love a slouchy Sunday – or any slochy

How to create a winter workwear capsule wardrobe

Getting up and out the door for work is a mission at the best of times. Add in a cold, pitch-black morning and you will need to harness every ounce of motivation to leave the home feeling put together. The aim is definitely not to feel bulky in layers of clothes but to feel and look

The Model and Me: Metalicus

It’s almost six years since I began Model and Me posts here on Styling You. They began by accident after I had been asked by a boutique to model for them in a Metalicus fashion parade. This boutique stocked and sold Metalicus to women of all ages, shapes and sizes so they wanted the label

4 winter outfit ideas that don’t include jeans

My friend Carly (from Smaggle) commented on one of my outfits this week: “Your ‘winter’ style is so amusing to me. I’ve reached Melbourne peak fashion where I wear my down coat all day. I’m a walking ugg boot.” This made me laugh. So much. Because, yes, I am a Queensland girl and our winter attire looks

Are you a personal stylist?

Thanks again for all the lovely birthday wishes. I had a fabulous festival and the best thing is that it is set to continue as my girlfriends all chipped in and bought be a voucher to spend at a day spa. HELLO. Best friends ever. Today, I’ve got a very important task for you. It’s been

The Model and Me: Read and Bell

Good morning Stylers. Hip, hip hooray, it’s my birthday. I know, I know, I feel sorry for me too. Mondays and birthdays don’t sound very celebratory, do they? Rest assured, I’ve done plenty of celebrating across the weekend. Why have just one day when you can have a festival, I say. As you know from

Teenage style: 5 tips for travel-wear

Editor’s note: Sammy is Miss SY’s best friend from school and a journalism/PR student. Each month she shares some style and beauty tips that are relevant to teenage girls of all ages – please leave us a question if you have a teenage style/beauty question you’d like answered. With winter now here, it’s a good time to

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