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What to wear on a long flight

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Do you know which are my fave celebrity paparazzi photos? The ones where someone beautiful and famous has just stepped off a plane looking like they’ve just been on a three-day-health retreat, not a long-haul flight. Yes, sitting (or lying down) up the pointy end of the plane certainly does help in these circumstances. Good

The Model and Me: Solito

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I do love wearing jeans and long pants in winter and I’ll freely admit that this is easily my fallback outfit option. But the frock girl in me is never too far away. Given that I work from home so don’t need to do an office-type frock all that often, it’s more a tunic style

What to wear to the office in winter

Everyday Style | What to wear to the office in winter

It’s been almost six years since I worked in an office that wasn’t part of my home. The closest I come to imitating office wear now is if I’m going to a meeting, a breakfast or lunch networking event or a speaking engagement – like this outfit I wore when I recently lectured to journalism

How to dress like Nina Proudman

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Do you ever wonder why we don’t see Nina Proudman actually go shopping? In stores or online? I know she’s not “real” but, wowzers, her wardrobe is something else. That kind of wardrobe doesn’t just happen by accident. It would require a strong sense of style and a strong affinity with certain boutiques and chain

Your style questions answered

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This is the fourth post in a series that I started on the blog this year – Your style questions answered – to answer publicly just a few of the hundreds of style questions that land in my inbox each month (catch up with last month’s here). I try to respond to all emails but

The Model and Me: Harlow

FEATURED Model and Me Harlow.jpg

Last time I looked – and I look quite regularly – every woman was and is real. It blows me away how size-ist the fashion industry can be. I’m not just talking about the way fashion is marketed via size 6-8 very tall models (ie a very small percentage of the population). I’m talking about

How to create a winter outfit

Everydaystyle - how to create a winter outfit by adding luxe textures

So this is winter. Mmmm. Not really where I live but there are hints of it. On Wednesday my feet were cold all day – a sure sign in this thyroidy old body that the seasons will finally turn. But like many of you I’m very much over my summer wardrobe and have long stopped

How to dress like Nina Proudman

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Last Friday a news crew from Channel Ten came to my office to talk to me about the popularity of Nina Proudman – her style and how so many of you show up here each week for the post-Offspring de-brief. I was on the Brisbane news last night. How crazy is that? Nina would have

How to dress like Nina Proudman

FEATURED OS504 Thomas Bucknall (Ben Barrington), Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie)_3.jpg

Do you love it when Nina Proudman dresses up to go out – instead of to work or play? I do. It is a reminder that her wardrobe is not filled with only kimono jackets, embroidered tunics, jeans and boots. We get an insight into stepping-out Nina and I do like what I see. Remember

The Model and Me: Bella Lido

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I was asked recently if I thought that printed pants would disappear from the fashion landscape any time soon. I pondered this question for all of three seconds and said NO. I could be wrong but anything that seems to have a level of comfort mixed in with an interesting fashion element seems to have

How to layer clothes for trans-seasonal days

How to layer for trans-seasonal weather #everydaystyle

If you’re like me, you’ve packed away your summer wardrobe but are tearing your hair out as autumn hasn’t got the memo re it’s time to cool down. And officially it’s winter on Sunday, so what’s with the ridiculously warm days? The thing is I’m bored. Bored with my summer wardrobe and highly impatient to

How to dress like Nina Proudman

FEATURED OS503 Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie), Leo Taylor (Patrick Brammall)_14.jpg

Do you know how much I love that I get to share my obsession with Offspring here on the blog every week – with you. Thank goodness you also share my obsession with all things Nina Proudman. Thank goodness. I’ll get to the de-brief about Nina’s main outfit and the storyline soon but first I want

Newsy bites and style insights

FEATURED Sizeable.jpg

It’s been too long between newsy bites posts so thought I’d better rectify that right now. Don’t hate me but as you’re reading this, I will be waking up at or leaving this magical place. More on that and what I’ve been up to soon. In the meantime, I’ve got some style insights to share.

The Model and Me: wYse lifestyle

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I’m pretty sure I’ve shared this story before but I’ll share again. I first discovered the wYse lifestyle label via a photo of one of my relatives in g-string underwear. While this story sounds very much not G rated (pun very much intended!), it is. This particular relative was a model for wYse and her well-toned

How to wear prints

How to wear prints

My everyday style has had a fantastic boost this week. I don’t know about you but my wardrobe is in that limbo land between autumn and winter. The warm days mean that winter pieces are lying and hanging there unworn and unloved. We’ve supposedly moved on from summer but then we get a few 25

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