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The Model and Me: Bella Lido

FEATURED Bella Lido Model and Me

Still on the look out for an easy-to-wear outfit for Christmas Day or across the summer? I’ve found another for you. My girls – my soul sisters – got together last week to celebrate the year before everyone goes their separate way and does their Christmas thing with family and travel. There was no stipulation

The Model and Me: Sacha Drake Grecian maxi dress

FEATURED The Model and Me Sacha Drake Grecian Gown Hair by Suite Three Hair Salita Matthews necklace

You already know that I think Queensland-based designer Sacha Drake is all kinds of genius don’t you? If not, you may be new to Styling You, so I’ll give you a brief run down. Sacha designs frocks. And she gets women. Like REALLY gets women. She gets that we’re not all the same shape but

The Model and Me: Boom Shankar

FEATURED Boom Shankar

Queensland served a hot and steamy weekend, Stylers … with a good dose of stress on the side. Friday afternoon didn’t go as planned. I got the phone call that no parent wants from their child’s school. Master SY had been winded by a soccer ball to the stomach, fell and knocked himself unconscious. He

The Model and Me: Dogstar

featured Dogstar

It was a bit of a shock to the system last week … on many levels. Organising and coordinating product and models for the photo shoot for my book in Sydney was a shock enough but experiencing cold weather again – in November – that was just a little too much for this Queensland girl

The Model and Me: Verily


I’ve been extolling the virtues of a summer maxi frock for a quite a few years now. I believe there are two reasons why the maxi dress endures. 1. You do not need to shave your legs to wear it. 2. You can wear it with flat sandals and still look dressed up. Two very

The Model and Me (Bali edition): Binny

FEATURED The-Model-and-Me-Binny-dress-Misano-sandals

There’s no escaping the humidity and the heat when in Bali. Except, of course, if you remain in an air-conditioned room or standing in a pool drinking cocktails. I totally endorse those two options – and may have employed them myself while in Bali last week – but there comes a time when you need

The Model and Me (Bali edition): iAllure Kaftans

FEATURED iAllure kaftans The W 3

You know my love of a kaftan, don’t you? Can’t get enough of them. My love of them is probably equal to the places I like to visit where kaftans are appropriate attire. If you could see my suitcase for Bali this week, you’d find day and evening kaftan options. It’s just how I roll

The Model and Me – Solito

FEATURED The Model and Me Solita

There are very few parts of Australia that have NOT been given a premature, one-way ticket to summer. Where I live in Queensland there seems to be new spring temperature records being set every day. Beach time has arrived early. Plus, I’m heading back to Bali next week to celebrate a girlfriend’s 40th. And yes,

The Model and Me: Mossee


It’s about this time of year that wardrobe thoughts may extend to the party season. If you’re lucky enough to have parties – or a race day – to attend, that is. I like to get smart about these thoughts. I’m less likely to covet a frock (and it’s always a frock) that will do

The Model and Me: Metalicus

FEATURED Model and Me Metalicus

I have more than a soft spot for Metalicus. Not only was it the first ever label I featured in my Model and Me posts – three years ago – but it’s a label that has long been a wardrobe friend of mine. My Metalicus pieces just keep on giving. They look as good as

The Model and Me: That Bird Label (Birdsnest)

FEATURED The Model and Me That Bird

I love a business success story. Yes, I do. And Birdsnest very much fits that criteria. What was once a small boutique in a regional NSW town has grown to become one of Australia’s most popular online shopping destinations. It’s the example I mention whenever the owners of small boutiques bemoan the rise of online

The Model and Me: Blue Illusion spring 2013

FEATURED Blue Illusion

Sponsored by Blue Illusion My eight-year-old son came home from school last week with a line drawing of the Eiffel Tower. Presenting Exhibit A … I’ve been offering all the right noises in regards to the kids’ artwork presented to me over the many, many years but this one stopped me in my tracks. I

The Model and Me: Sportscraft

FEATURED The Model and Me Sportscraft polka dot pants

I love a fashion label that kind of grows up with you but continues to reinvent itself to keep things fresh. That’s what Sportscraft has been for me. I haven’t been around since its beginnings in 1914 (although some days it feels like it)┬ábut I do remember my mum wearing Sportscraft in the 1970s when

The Model and Me: Sacha Drake

The Model and Me Sacha Drake

Have I told you lately how much I love Sacha Drake? If you’re a regular here over the past few years, Sacha will need little introduction. If you’re new here, let me state my case for this talented Queensland designer. Sacha believes in the frock and she believes there is a frock to suit every

The Model and Me: Maiocchi SS 13-14

The Model and Me Maiocchi

I’ve mentioned my multiple wardrobe personalities many times here on the blog. I have a number of favoured styles in my wardrobe and quirky has long been part of that mix. Yes, I love my classics, I love a bit of boho and I don’t mind glamming it up but I can also be seduced

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