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The Model and Me: Surafina


By the time you read this – all going to plan – we will have landed in London. On the longest day of the year. Well the day with the longest daylight hours. I think this will either be conducive to getting over jet lag more quickly or keep us in some kind of time

The Model and Me: Binny


Can we all pause for a moment and remember a time when Wednesday nights were devoted to all things Nina Proudman? For those new to Styling You, Nina Proudman is/was a fictional character on the hit Australian TV series, Offspring. Right about this time of year we’d be in the thick of laughing out loud

The Model and Me: Bella Lido

FEATURED bella lido

I know this Model and Me business is all about Mondays here on Styling You but given that Monday felt like Sunday and today – Tuesday – feels like Monday then I hope you’re all ok with us just going with the flow? I had THE best birthday weekend filled with family, relaxation and a

The Model and Me: Blue Bungalow

FEATURED Blue Bungalow

I’m having so much fun with my cooler weather wardrobe. The layers were definitely out and happening across the weekend. (You can catch up with my outfits here, here, here and here). My favourite winter uniform is starting with good basics – a basic knit or long-sleeve top and a basic pant – and then

The Model and Me: Louenhide

FEATURED Louenhide

It may be just a couple of weeks until winter officially kicks off but in Queensland our days are still on the mild side. If you could bottle the temperatures at this time of year, I would. Nights are doona-snuggling-worthy, days are warm and in the mid-to-high 20s and humidity is low. My hair is

The Model and Me: Kalokeri

FEATURED Kalokeri at Sequins and Sand

If you’re a mum, did you get spoilt rotten yesterday? I did. Beautiful presents and a champagne breakfast out. But you know what I did when I got home from said breakfast? No, I didn’t take to my bed for a nap like I thought I would. I did my winter wardrobe edit. {Here are

The Model and Me: Harlow

featured harlow

It’s Mr SY’s birthday today. He’s very ok that he shares this day with International Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you) but Monday is pretty much a dud day on which to celebrate another year on this planet, which is why we turned the whole weekend into a festival instead. On Saturday

The Model and Me: Adrift Clothing


Ahhh, it’s good to go away but it’s good to be back. Thanks so much for travelling along with me during my week on Koh Samui (more about that on the blog Thursday) … today I’m kicking of the week with a Model and Me outfit I photographed while in Thailand. It’s from Adrift Clothing – a

The Movie Star and Me: Blue Illusion AW15

FEATURED Blue Illusion

Sponsored by Blue Illusion I’m so excited to take my regular Model and Me posts up a notch again today with a new Movie Star and Me post featuring Blue Illusion ambassador Juliette Binoche. The award-winning actor epitomises all that is chic about French women and her work with French-inspired Blue Illusion on its autumn-winter

The Model and Me: That Bird Label

FEATURED The Model and Me That Bird Label AW15 Birdsnest

I loved sharing my love of the TV wardrobe as worn by Claire Underwood. It was interesting in the comments how many others loved Claire’s style too … but, like me, don’t have much occasion for embracing it. My office is at home. I only maintain a small part of my wardrobe for occasions that

The Model and Me: Verily

FEATURED The Model and Me Verily AW15

My love of the go-to dress is no secret around these parts. Frocks that go the distance, can be dressed up or down … they are the wardrobe pieces that I can always rely on. Sunshine Coast-based designer Leonie Macleod has long been creating designs that I can rely on for that very task. Leonie’s label

The Model and Me: Bohemian Traders


YOUR casual wardrobe might be confined to the weekends and holiday but mine is an (almost) everyday affair. This means I’m always on the lookout for key smart-casual pieces that are comfortable enough for working at home but also look the business should I have to step out of the house on mum duties or

The Model and Me: Metalicus

FEATURED Metalicus

Did you know that I owe the very concept of my Model and Me posts to the label Metalicus – five and a half years ago? True. I’d been asked to be a model in a boutique’s Metalicus season-launch fashion parade. This boutique wanted to feature real women of different sizes to demonstrate how the mostly

The Model and Me: Maiocchi

FEATURED maiocchi

The majority of my wardrobe is what I classify as smart casual. This makes sense as I work from home. But. I do attend networking functions and business lunches or meetings. For those times, I need to have a number of go-to frocks on hand to meet the occasion. Ideally, they’re frocks that don’t require

The Model and Me: Everyday Cashmere

FEATURED Everyday Cashmere

My parents arrived yesterday from their now home base in the UK. Let’s just say that the aircon was cranking in an attempt to acclimatise them as best we could. I could only apologise for the non-autumn weather we’re currently experiencing in Queensland and assured them that relief was in sight … when they headed

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