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The Model and Me: Firefly


Can we talk about how hot it was in so many part of Australia at the end of last week and across the weekend? It was the kind of weather that required cool and comfortable clothing as a matter of wardrobe survival. Saturday was particularly hot here in Brisbane and I trotted out this cotton

The Model and Me: Lola Australia


Five years ago when I first started posting Model and Me blog posts here on Styling You, the aim was to show that a garment you might have seen on a model could work on a shorter, non-size-6 woman. It wasn’t to show that I looked better than the model. It was to show an

The Model and Me: Leona Edmiston


Melbourne Cup is done and dusted and that means that the party season has officially started. I’ve previously shared my 11 tips for how style your way through the season to Christmas Day. At the time I was heading into a very busy October. Now it’s November, the calendar looks socially similar, ie crazy fun.

The Model and Me: Read and Bell

FEATURED The Model and Me Read + Bell 2

I’ve got a serious problem this fashion season. Well, not world-peace serious. No, I’ve got a problem with my inability to turn away from any piece of clothing in a blue hue. In my defence, there is a lot of blue around this season. And, for me, it says – no, screams – summer. It’s

The Model and Me: Mela Purdie


The clothes that survive my bi-annual wardrobe edit are the ones that continue to make me feel fabulous when I wear them. AND they’re the clothes that still look as good as the day they first set up residence in my walk-in. I’ve long talked up Australian label Mela Purdie. I’ve got a Mela Purdie piece that

The Model and Me: Bella Lido

FEATURED The Model and Me Bella Lido SS15-16

It seems that most places in Australia have had an early taste of the summer ahead. Scrolling through the #everydaystyle feed on Instagram last week showed that my southern style sisters were indeed enjoying some balmy spring conditions. Here in Queensland the balmy meter has been switched on and my seasonal default mode of dressing

The Model and Me: Binny

FEATURED The Model and Me Binny SS15-16

I’ve never met Binny – the designer behind the Australian label of the same name – but it feels like I have. Catch up on the Binny archive here. This Victorian-based label came to my attention thanks to the TV series Offspring (thank the TV gods that it’s coming back next year) when the costume designers dressed

The Model and Me: Harlow Australia


Oh don’t you just love a public holiday … if you can swing it? All week, you’ll be thinking it’s the day before it really is. Then you’ll get all excited when you realise you’re closer to the weekend than you first thought. And I’m contributing to that confusion today by switching Model and Me

The Model and Me: Bohemian Traders


I love outfits that offer an element of surprise – garments that when worn offer a contrast of either textures, colours, patterns or styles. Or all of the above. Australian online store Bohemian Traders (I think I’ve been its number one fan since day one!) does that surprise factor so well. I love how I can

The Model and Me: Louenhide

FEATURED Louenhide

Hello to all those lucky enough to be enjoying the September school holidays by the beach. I had a taste of that across the weekend, celebrating our anniversary with a kid-free weekend in Noosa. The weather has been surprisingly and unseasonably cool (for Queensland) and I did get a little caught by surprise with the

The Model and Me: Bamboo Body

FEATURED bamboo body

I’m a huge fan of lifestyle clothing pieces – pieces that need minimal care but always look good no matter where you need them to take you. I’m also a huge fan of such pieces as they are as comfortable to wear as pyjamas or a trackie. So, in effect, they are cheat clothes. You

The Model and Me: Maiocchi

FEATURED maiocchi

Are you a fan of the frock? I am. I love them all – fabulous and flowy or flirty and fitted. I was editing my wardrobe at the weekend in full prep for the spring-summer season and my love of the frock could not have been more evident. If you’ve been reading here for some time (and

The Model and Me: wYse Lifestyle

featured wyse

How’s the last day of winter looking where you live? The pre-spring sun is doing its thing here. I had planned to do my spring wardrobe edit in preparation for the new season but my office was in greater need of a de-clutter and overhaul. So soothing. The wardrobe can wait until next weekend. I’m already

The Model and Me: Bird Keepers

FEATURED bird keepers

We spent the weekend 1000m above sea level in the Gold Coast hinterland. More to come on that later in the week but I have to say I did enjoy the cooler temperatures. It was like our last blast of winter. We cranked the fireplace up and enjoyed the non-humid air. Driving home down the

The Model and Me: Surafina

FEATURED The Model and Me Surafina

My wardrobe consists of two extremes. The winter extreme and the summer extreme. In between you’ll find the majority of my clothes, all clothes that fit into the trans-seasonal category. These are clothes that consist of light layers – layers that can easily be added or taken off as the day warms up or cools down.

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