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The Model and Me: Adrift

There is something about embroidery on a garment that gets me excited. My inner-boho heart starts to beat a little faster. I imagine that any minute I’m about to be whisked away somewhere exotic and that someone will thrust a cocktail in my general direction. {Yes, I can get very carried away with my dreaming.} This is my

The Model and Me: Maiocchi

I frocked up last Tuesday night to celebrate the new collection from one of my favourite designers, Deanne Mayocchi, the talented woman behind the Australian-made label, Maiocchi. The in-store event featured some of the fabulous women who blog and share their outfits on #everydaystyle, showing how they will wear their favourite pieces from the new “Head

The Model and Me: Belle Bird

Talk about plus-size labels inevitably leads to talk about what actually constitutes plus-size. In fashion industry terms, plus size can refer to any size above a size 12. It’s indicative of the ludicrous idea that fashion is only about size 4, 6, 8 and 10. In my opinion, it’s the label “plus size” that gets

The Model and Me: Sacha Drake

I’ve been talking up Sacha Drake designs since before this blog was even thought of. Sacha understands how a garment drapes on a woman. She just gets it. Last summer in the Styling You Shop, I introduced you to one of her most genius styles to date, the Column Drape dress. I have the Column

The Model and Me: Motto

It’s no secret around here that I’m a fan of the little black dress. My wardrobe is full of them. Like stripes and leopard print, I can never have too many. I don’t subscribe to the theory that black makes you look older … much like I don’t subscribe to most silly fashion rules. I

The Model and Me: Surafina

Every Sunday I check the weather app for the forecast before planning out my outfits for the week ahead. I haven’t always done this level of planning but it’s now something that gives me a road map for the week ahead and means that I’m not wasting time each morning deciding what to wear. It

The Model and Me: Sassy Sister

Oh hello, aren’t you looking lovely today. A holiday is extremely lovely but it’s great to be home and back on the blog. More about those Hawaiian adventures tomorrow. In a nutshell … we loved it. Also, stay tuned on the blog this week as we’re launching something very exciting … a special place for

The Model and Me: Surafina

Boy oh boy did the heavens open up here yesterday afternoon. Did you manage to stay dry if they opened for you too? Luckily we didn’t have to be anywhere and it was like being given permission to hunker down and fire up the Netflix offerings. I love a slouchy Sunday – or any slochy

The Model and Me: Metalicus

It’s almost six years since I began Model and Me posts here on Styling You. They began by accident after I had been asked by a boutique to model for them in a Metalicus fashion parade. This boutique stocked and sold Metalicus to women of all ages, shapes and sizes so they wanted the label

The Model and Me: Read and Bell

Good morning Stylers. Hip, hip hooray, it’s my birthday. I know, I know, I feel sorry for me too. Mondays and birthdays don’t sound very celebratory, do they? Rest assured, I’ve done plenty of celebrating across the weekend. Why have just one day when you can have a festival, I say. As you know from

The Model and Me: White Label Noba

Many things get me excited about what I do here at Styling You. Connecting with you, my gorgeous readers, that’s a big one. Another big one is meeting and getting to know a bunch of fabulously talented independent designers creating and working in the Australian fashion industry. I first met White Label Noba’s Tracey Watkins

The Model and Me: Adrift

The past few weeks when I’m planning out my outfits (and yes, I do this every Sunday – the plan is subject to change but it gives me a solid starting point), I look at the weather app in anticipation that autumn will finally be on my door step. I don’t think we’re in for an

The Model and Me: Firefly

I’m no stranger to the tunic and leggings look as a jeans/knit alternative for autumn-winter. I recently featured a kimono-style tunic from Rasaleela, and today I’m featuring a shirt-style from Firefly. I personally love both shapes – variety being the spice of life and all. Firefly is an Australian label which is ethically produced by

The Model and Me: eb&ive

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE wearing black. It’s my go-to colour no matter what the time of year. Come winter, I favour it even more. I poo-poo those who say you can’t wear black because it makes you look older. Because, no it doesn’t. It may not be YOUR colour but please don’t put an

The Model and Me: Harlow

It was reported on last night’s news that Brisbane’s April temperatures were some of the hottest on record. And this week we’re staring down the barrel of another week of high 20s/early 30s temperatures. I’m calling ENOUGH. It’s May. Winter IS coming. Isn’t it? I’ve got a fab wardrobe ready to roll out when it

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