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Covering arms in summer


I need to be upfront here. I have had a love/hate relationship with my arms but in recent years it’s been more love than hate. I’m not getting any younger, so I figure that they’re the best they’re going to be right now. No use looking back in years to come and wondering why I

The Model and Me: Firefly


Can we talk about how hot it was in so many part of Australia at the end of last week and across the weekend? It was the kind of weather that required cool and comfortable clothing as a matter of wardrobe survival. Saturday was particularly hot here in Brisbane and I trotted out this cotton

Fashion myth busted: stripes do not make you look bigger


Oh I do love to tackle a fashion myth. I do. I do not know who created the so-called rules around fashion that grow into myths but they have an awful lot to answer for. Fashion myths and rules do not help us. What fashion myths do is create doubt in our own minds when

New holiday everyday style inspiration at Katies

FEATURED Katies silk kimono dress 2

Sponsored by Katies Not getting stressed about what to wear every day starts with a little pre-planning. Oh, ok … A LOT of pre-planning if the month happens to be November or December. Welcome to the party and holiday season, where your social calendar really does underline the Silly in Silly Season. The number one key to

The Model and Me: Lola Australia


Five years ago when I first started posting Model and Me blog posts here on Styling You, the aim was to show that a garment you might have seen on a model could work on a shorter, non-size-6 woman. It wasn’t to show that I looked better than the model. It was to show an

LBDs vs LWDs


Oh we do love to tackle the hottest of hot topics around here. Wardrobe topics, that is. Now, there is no denying the timeless power of the LBD – the Little Black Dress. It started with Chanel in 1926 and US Vogue calling that particular dress “a sort of uniform for all women of taste”. That

The Model and Me: Leona Edmiston


Melbourne Cup is done and dusted and that means that the party season has officially started. I’ve previously shared my 11 tips for how style your way through the season to Christmas Day. At the time I was heading into a very busy October. Now it’s November, the calendar looks socially similar, ie crazy fun.

Summer 2015 Styling You Shop

FEATURED SY-Shop-SS2-Blog-Outfits-Image---Square

The countdown to summer is officially on and in many parts of Australia it already feels very much like it’s here. Days are longer. Temperatures are (mostly) higher. The calendar is filling with parties and “catch-ups” that just *have* to happen before Christmas. For the lucky ones among us, we’re also planning a summer holiday

The Model and Me: Read and Bell

FEATURED The Model and Me Read + Bell 2

I’ve got a serious problem this fashion season. Well, not world-peace serious. No, I’ve got a problem with my inability to turn away from any piece of clothing in a blue hue. In my defence, there is a lot of blue around this season. And, for me, it says – no, screams – summer. It’s

What to wear when pregnant

feature copy

Editor’s note: The gorgeous Jasmine Hunt from Pretty Chuffed is due to have her second baby in a few weeks and has taken time to answer many a reader question I’ve been receiving of late. Given that it’s been more than 10-plus years since I’ve been pregnant, I figured she was way more qualified to respond. You may

Save your summer soles with FRANKiE4 Footwear


Sponsored by FRANKiE4 Footwear From the hills of Paddington in Brisbane, to a ride on the London Eye, atop the Eiffel Tower and to the beaches on the stiletto heel of southern Italy, FRANKiE4 Footwear shoes continue to save my well-tread soles. After months of teasing and testing that included taking samples to Europe for the northern hemisphere summer, I’m

The Model and Me: Mela Purdie


The clothes that survive my bi-annual wardrobe edit are the ones that continue to make me feel fabulous when I wear them. AND they’re the clothes that still look as good as the day they first set up residence in my walk-in. I’ve long talked up Australian label Mela Purdie. I’ve got a Mela Purdie piece that

Tween spring/summer style

tween summer style

Editor’s note: please welcome today’s guest blogger Kim Abbate from Life With Tweens. With a tween of her own, she will contribute a regular post on age-appropriate styles to help those of us with kids in that awkward stage. One of my biggest issues about the tween years is not the impending moods I have been

How to wear shorts

FEATURED How to wear shorts - casual

There are a few items of clothing that scare most women when it comes to buying them … and wearing them. Swimsuits. Jeans. and … Shorts. Most of our fear around buying and wearing these items is wrapped up in our own crazy body issues. It took me styling more than 150 women (before this

The Model and Me: Bella Lido

FEATURED The Model and Me Bella Lido SS15-16

It seems that most places in Australia have had an early taste of the summer ahead. Scrolling through the #everydaystyle feed on Instagram last week showed that my southern style sisters were indeed enjoying some balmy spring conditions. Here in Queensland the balmy meter has been switched on and my seasonal default mode of dressing

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