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The bengajean is a wardrobe essential

FEATURED bengajean

Sponsored by Blue Illusion I’m often asked just what wardrobe essentials a woman needs. And I answer: it depends on the woman in question. What I might consider a wardrobe essential for me, you might have no need for. My whole relationship – and now love affair – with wardrobe essentials was borne out my

What to wear New Year’s Eve

FEATURED What to wear New Year's Eve - casual

Before I get into today’s post, I want to send out my thoughts to all those impacted by the siege in Sydney’s CBD yesterday. I had to switch off Twitter and the TV as it was all just getting out of control. The GOOD reporting lost in a sea of dodgy journalism and a public

Model and Me: Solito

FEATURED Model and Me Solito

I’m still in outfit planning mode as to what I’ll wear Christmas Day (and any of the other Christmas-type gatherings leading up to the day). I talked in this post how I’m not afraid to err on the side of naff-ness and embrace the colours of the season and I stand by that. So much

It’s a wrap: summer style inspiration


Putting together an outfit in summer is a whole lot more challenging than in winter. Winter is all about layering to keep warm. The very fact that you incorporate layers into your outfit means that you are adding interest through textures and shapes. In summer, layering conjures up feelings of icky and stickiness. Well, that’s

The Model and Me: Harlow


If you have curves and are size 12-24 then finding a pair of jeans can be a challenge. I very much like the white ripped ones from Embody Denim I featured a couple of weeks ago. I rejoiced when Blue Illusion brought out its shape denim range earlier this year. And I’m a card-carrying member

How to buy Christmas fashion gifts

FEATURED Fashion Christmas gifts for women

Buying Christmas fashion gifts for other women can be fraught with all kinds of risks but get it right and the fashionista recipient will be overjoyed with the result. Here are my key tips for buying gifts of fashion pieces or accessories at Christmas time – or any time. Think your partner could do with

What to wear while breastfeeding

FEATURED What to wear while breastfeeding

Remember when I wrote this post about what to wear when you are pregnant? Well, guess what? Those lovely women of #everydaystyle have had their beautiful bubbas and are now breastfeeding. For some it’s their first baby, others the second or third. I’ve also enlisted the help of other mums who are either breastfeeding now

The Model and Me: Read and Bell

FEATURED Read and Bell

Can I just tell you just how refreshing it was to fly south these past few days and get a taste of weather that did not bring with it a gazillion percent humidity? On Thursday I wore a jacket and jeans ALL day and did not once perspire. I may have even shivered at a

What to wear Christmas Day

FEAT What to wear Christmas Day - white

It’s four weeks until Christmas Eve. I know gift buying is all about giving to others but I’m a big fan of the self-gift too. We’re worth it, don’t you think? The gift I’m most likely to buy myself at Christmas is something to wear on Christmas Day. I think this goes back to being

The Model and Me: Embody Denim

FEATURED Model and Me Embody Denim

I know that many are scared of wearing white. I was reminded of that with my post last week about finding the perfect white tee. Well, brace yourself Stylers because I’ve gone one step further and pulled on not just a white tee … but white PANTS. The Napisan has been stocked up on and I’m

How to find your perfect white t-shirt

FEATURED 9 perfect white tees

I have a wardrobe confession to make. My name is Nikki and I have a “thing” for white tees and tops. And by thing, I mean obsession. I just did a little audit for you as part of this confession and I counted no less than 16 white tops. About 10 of these are all

The Model and Me: Bilgola

FEATURED Bilgola clothing

Can we pause for a moment to think about the heat that most of us have experienced over the past few days somewhere across this wide land. Melbourne and Adelaide, you copped it first, then Sydney and for my fellow south-east Queenslanders, we didn’t need a gathering of world leaders to produce hot air. No,

What to wear to a summer party

FEATURED What to wear summer party cocktail

WOWSERS. Can we please implement a slo-mo function on the rest of the year. It’s all just a little too speedy for my liking. And it seems November is the new December when it comes to parties and gatherings. If you want to catch up with me in December, I’m good to go. November? I

The Movie Star and Me: Blue Illusion

FEATURED The Movie Star and Me Blue Illusion white pant suit

Sponsored by Blue Illusion I’m so excited to bring you a new Movie Star and Me post with Blue Illusion. I’ve got a bit more accustomed to seeing the face of Blue Illusion – French actor Juliette Binoche – in the same clothes of me (you can catch up here) but I still wondered if I could

The Model and Me: iAllure kaftans

FEATURED iAllure kaftans

How was your weekend? I hope you got a chance to relax. I most certainly did. I did a little spring organisation at home and a lot of just hanging out with my family. I do miss those simple things when I’m travelling. Coming home is about re-grouping and just being. And I don’t mind

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