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The Model and Me: wYse Bodywear

The-Model-and-Me-wyse copy

Editor’s note: Please welcome today’s guest blogger: Rachel Wernicke from Redcliffe Style. While Nikki is away, Rachel is taking over the Model and Me posts to give us all a look at what some gorgeous fashion pieces look like on everyday women. I’m in the process of moving house at the moment and the new place has a much

The Model and Me: Surafina


By the time you read this – all going to plan – we will have landed in London. On the longest day of the year. Well the day with the longest daylight hours. I think this will either be conducive to getting over jet lag more quickly or keep us in some kind of time

What to pack for a European summer holiday


This would have to be my biggest packing challenge to date. Well, since I started seeing every trip as an opportunity to better myself in this game the experts call packing light. I need to be upfront with you from the outset, if you’re looking for a “how to pack for three weeks in Europe with

How to wear ankle boots – an update

FEATURED ankle boots AW15

There are many reasons why ankle boots are still very much a part of the winter fashion landscape. For me, I think the main reason is that, unlike their knee-high sisters, ankle boots don’t discriminate on calf width. Those of us with greater OR less-than-average thigh widths do not fear shopping for the ankle boot. There

The Model and Me: Binny


Can we all pause for a moment and remember a time when Wednesday nights were devoted to all things Nina Proudman? For those new to Styling You, Nina Proudman is/was a fictional character on the hit Australian TV series, Offspring. Right about this time of year we’d be in the thick of laughing out loud

What is the difference between cocktail and formal dress

FEATURED What to wear to a winter cocktail event

It’s the season for balls and formal events – well, it is judging by the number of questions that I’m receiving on the subject – and the photos popping up on my friends’ Facebook feed. Here is just a selection of the questions from SY readers: Renee, a North Queensland mum is attending two events –

The Model and Me: Bella Lido

FEATURED bella lido

I know this Model and Me business is all about Mondays here on Styling You but given that Monday felt like Sunday and today – Tuesday – feels like Monday then I hope you’re all ok with us just going with the flow? I had THE best birthday weekend filled with family, relaxation and a

How to shop the sales

FEATURED how to shop the sales

Most of Australia is heading into a long weekend this weekend. Sorry Western Australia – don’t worry Queensland won’t have this holiday at this time next year either. This move does not please me as the Queen’s Birthday long weekend has typically coincided with my birthday weekend – something that very much has pleased me

How to wear the Bohemian Traders striped dress

FEATURED BT striped dress

One of the top-selling pieces in the Styling You Shop (the autumn-winter capsule is only available for sale until this Saturday, June 6) has been the Bohemian Traders striped dress. I’m not surprised at all. It’s a dress that I fell in love with last winter because if ever there was a frock equivalent of a pair

The Model and Me: Woolerina

FEATURED Woolerina

Oh hello, it’s officially winter. Does it feel like winter where you live? We had a very balmy blast to see out autumn in Queensland and I found myself wardrobe-challenged to say the least. This week it looks like cooler weather is heading our way, so I’m sure I’ll get my winter wardrobe groove back.

Monochrome outfit ideas

FEATURED Monochrome shopping inspiration AW15

Whenever I’m having an outfit conniption – and yes it does happen – I revert to my favourite non-colour combination. Monochrome. Black and white is always all right in my fashion books. Whether it’s a casual or dressed-up outfit, it always looks classy. Coco Chanel was definitely on to something: Women think of all colours

The Model and Me: Blue Bungalow

FEATURED Blue Bungalow

I’m having so much fun with my cooler weather wardrobe. The layers were definitely out and happening across the weekend. (You can catch up with my outfits here, here, here and here). My favourite winter uniform is starting with good basics – a basic knit or long-sleeve top and a basic pant – and then

How to wear a faux fur vest

FEATURED how to wear a faux fur vest

I have a confession to make. A fashion confession. A few years ago I swore I would never wear a faux fur vest. Never. Ever. Boy am I eating those hastily uttered words now. I cannot get enough of them and have decreed faux fur vests to be THE most covetable fashion item this winter

The Model and Me: Louenhide

FEATURED Louenhide

It may be just a couple of weeks until winter officially kicks off but in Queensland our days are still on the mild side. If you could bottle the temperatures at this time of year, I would. Nights are doona-snuggling-worthy, days are warm and in the mid-to-high 20s and humidity is low. My hair is

Teenage style: autumn-winter 2015 trends

2015 autumn-winter fashion trends

Editor’s note: Samantha (Sammy) is Miss SY’s best friend from school and a journalism student. Each month she shares some style tips that are relevant to teenage girls of all ages – please leave us a question if you have a teenage style question you’d like answered. Brrrrr! Okay QLD. We’ve had our fair share of Summer.

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