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Australian blogging will be even bigger in 2013

Styling You blogging highlights 2012

Pinch and a punch, bloggers. It’s December 1. This year has been huge for blogging in Australia – and for me as a blogger, personally {and I’m extremely grateful for that}. I started the year turning my business model on its head, working as a full-time blogger for the first time since leaving journalism in

How to develop good blog news sense

5 keys to good blog news sense

In journalism there is a concept known as “news sense”. This is something you are taught about at uni and then expected to hone and develop when on the job. In a nutshell, good news sense is behind what makes the news. It’s behind what makes a good story. As a journalist, determining this, sifting

My blogging tip of the week

5 ways bloggers can give back

Life has been HUGE this week. HUGE. {You can read why here} So, I’m keeping this week’s blogging post brief. Sometimes that’s a good thing anyway. Saying less really says so much more. This is something I picked up this week from the messages delivered during all the occasions that marked the end of school

7 things I learned this week in Blog Land

In Spaces Between: brands, PRs and making money | words by Styling You | design: Fresh by Sian

I think one of the reasons that I’ve fallen head over heels for this crazy game called blogging is that there is always something new to learn. If you’re a regular here then you’ll have heard me utter those words before. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming … all the information. Out there, circulating day in

Guest post: Take your blog to the speaking circuit

Carly Findlay, right, with Layne Beachley at the Aim for the Stars ball in 2012

When I started my blog, Tune into Radio Carly, in December 2009, I never imagined where it would take me. I created it to develop and distribute my writing and to connect with new people. Three years on, my blog has helped create a very successful side career (I already have a day job in the

How to deal with Facebook News Feed changes

How to deal with Facebook News Feed Changes

I would pull on my cranky pants right now but I think I would be only wasting valuable energy. And in a week when that energy has been in short supply, it’s best I don’t. For all concerned. Why the cranky pants thoughts? In a word: Facebook. It’s just not what it used to be.

Powerful stuff will happen in Australian blogging over the next 12 months #pbevent

A Manifesto for Bloggers | Kelly Exeter | OzBlog Hosting

I don’t want to play favourites – but I will In almost three years of attending blogging conferences in Australia and one in the US, the Problogger 2012 event felt like coming home. It could have been the two-day program (that breathing space took away the intensity that comes with a one-day event). It could

How to get brands knocking on your blog door #pbevent

#pbevent Nikki Parkinson, Styling You; Eden Riley, Edenland; Lorraine Murphy, The Remarkables; Mrs Woog, Woogsworld

Hello from Melbourne. I do get a buzz out of attending blogging conferences. And this year’s Problogger Training Event is the biggest in Australia to date. Having two days to not only take in some pretty amazing and engaging information but to also network with some of the best bloggers in Australia makes this blogger

Guest post: The most powerful blog success tips

The most powerful blog success tips

You’ve just launched your blog’s brand new custom design, you post content daily because you know content is king, you engage and interact with your community, you seem to be checking off all the boxes you have been told will give you blog success, but it is not really coming to you. The opportunities seem

How to create a blog posting schedule

How to create a blog posting schedule

How’s your blogging week been? A little bit chaotic if you’re doing the school holiday juggle like me? It’s times like during holidays that I really do rely on the organised part of my brain to get me through to the other side … while still attempting to publish good, consistent content on my blog.

What blog readers want

what do blog readers want

Two of the most frequent questions I am asked are: 1. How to you get blog readers? 2. How do you build your blog readership? Of course there are a whole host of strategic ways to do this – using your email database, hosting giveaways, engaging with people in your social media networks … These

Should bloggers send an email newsletter?

Should bloggers send an email newsletter?

Four years ago … about a month or so in from starting Styling You and this blog … I was at a networking function, downing a glass of wine and talking geekery to a former work colleague. This former work colleague has many talents – one of which is applying contact to school books. It’s

5 iPhone apps I actually use

5 iTunes apps I actually use

I cannot imagine my life without apps. I realise that this may sound a little over-dramatic but I’m a geek girl at heart and apps seriously float my geek girl boat. I have periods where I go a wee bit cray-cray and download every new app that I think my life needs. This is generally

Bloggers ARE journalists

Bloggers are journalists

I’m calling it. Bloggers are journalists. What’s prompted this seemingly outrageous outburst on my behalf? I’m so glad you asked. A couple of things really. The first was reading about Eden Riley’s account of the Blogging and Journalism panel at the Melbourne Writers Festival. This statement by Eden really got me thinking: As a blogger,

Guest post: are book publishers looking at your blog?

are book publishers looking at your blog?

We all blog for different reasons. For some, it’s an outlet. For others, it’s about making an income. And for another group, it’s about catching the eye of a publisher. Hopefully. But are book publishers looking at your blog? We’ve all heard about the Blog To Book success stories. Gretchen Rubin, Julie Powell (Julie &

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