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Styling You’s 2000th blog post

You know how I love an even number? Well when that even number situation collides with a milestone, then you bet I’m excited. Drum roll please … this is 2000th blog post on Styling You. That’s a whole lot of writing, photographs, sharing and comments that have gone down in seven and a half years.

2015: the year that was

I’m a planner. I like to be organised. It doesn’t always come together but generally that planning and organisation helps to keep me on some kind of track. 2015? It just kind of happened. I’d set out with good intentions in January to make big goals for the year but then the year started and

Everyday moments that matter in a SY work day

Sponsored by Nair  If you’ve been a reader here for some time you’ll know that I’m a big fan of lazy-girl beauty short cuts. This doesn’t mean that I let maintenance slip … well not always. It does mean that I stock my beauty cabinet with products that mean I can get the beauty essentials

Styling You reader survey 2015

It’s been a very big year for Styling You. We launched our first online pop-up shop (our second – the 2015 Spring shop – opens for the month next Tuesday!) and the business behind the blog was a winner at the 2015 Telstra Business Awards. We didn’t win at the national level last week but

5 blogging for business tips

Today I’m heading to the annual Problogger conference. Yes, my non-blogging friends, there is such a thing. This is the sixth conference for bloggers looking to create a business or an income around their blog. I wasn’t at the first one in 2010 but I’ve attended ever since. I remember following the first event roll out

Styling You a Telstra Business Awards winner

Write a speech they said. Be prepared they said. I always do as I’m told. If you’re reading this then tonight my blog business – Styling You – has been judged the winner of the Queensland Telstra Business Awards (micro business category). Styling You is the first blogging business to have won a Telstra Business Award

Styling You finalist in 2015 Telstra Business Awards

Note: This is Kim here, Nikki’s assistant. I’m hijacking her blog to share some really exciting news! I might get in trouble for sharing it with you all, but I thought you’d love to congratulate her along with me!  While travelling through Paris last week, the most romantic city in the world, Nikki received some

8 tips for life from Lisa Messenger

Here’s where I confess to executing a total fan-girl moment. It’s true. It happened last Friday when I was in Sydney for my sponsorship and advertising agency’s annual conference and third birthday celebrations. Founder of the Collective Hub magazine (and author and speaker) Lisa Messenger was our final speaker for the event. Talk about end

How to pose for photos + WIN an Olympus selfie camera

Sponsored by Olympus Australia I have two friends who are former models. The only former thing about them is that they no longer model professionally. They are utterly gorgeous, tall and know how to pose for a photo. Now, most people might shy away from being in a photo with a model – former or

How to take a flat lay photo

Sponsored by Olympus Australia So you’re not a fan of the selfie when it comes to sharing photos on Instagram or other social media or blog platforms? That’s ok. I get that. There is another way to otherwise tell a story or give people a visual insight into your daily life, your wardrobe, what you

13 tips for professional business photos

Late last year I coordinated and organised my own photo shoot. For the seventh time since I started Styling You. Sounds conceited and up myself, doesn’t it? Here’s the thing. It’s not. If you’re a business owner, a corporate employee often called on for expert opinion, a blogger, a writer … anyone with a professional

Styling You home office 2015

I really wasn’t at home much in January. And when I was it was a crazy blur of school holiday and work juggle. The essential stuff got done while each day my office became less of the haven it was meant to be and more of a cluttered, heaving mess. A mess, I decided to ignore

How to take a selfie

Sponsored by Olympus Australia When I first blogged about how to take a selfie – in 2012 – the whole concept of a selfie was seemingly reserved for bloggers. In 2015 you’d be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t taken a selfie. Even big name celebs who have their photos taken by professionals (granted,

Say hello to the Olympus selfie camera

Sponsored by Olympus Australia I can remember my first camera. Can you? It was rectangular in shape, had a basic point and shoot action and a flash. The subjects of my photos were always off centre and I’d make each roll of film last as long as possible, knowing the cost of having it processed was

Build an online community that you love #pbevent

When I started blogging, I didn’t really know what blogging was. I was the accidental blogger. I had a website on a blogging platform and I added content but I wouldn’t have called myself a blogger. Mostly because I didn’t know what a blogger was. That all changed about 18 months on. The reason for

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