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How to pose for photos + WIN an Olympus selfie camera

FEATURED Olympus selfie lunch

Sponsored by Olympus Australia I have two friends who are former models. The only former thing about them is that they no longer model professionally. They are utterly gorgeous, tall and know how to pose for a photo. Now, most people might shy away from being in a photo with a model – former or

How to take a flat lay photo


Sponsored by Olympus Australia So you’re not a fan of the selfie when it comes to sharing photos on Instagram or other social media or blog platforms? That’s ok. I get that. There is another way to otherwise tell a story or give people a visual insight into your daily life, your wardrobe, what you

13 tips for professional business photos

Nikki Parkinson of Styling You.Photo by Sarah

Late last year I coordinated and organised my own photo shoot. For the seventh time since I started Styling You. Sounds conceited and up myself, doesn’t it? Here’s the thing. It’s not. If you’re a business owner, a corporate employee often called on for expert opinion, a blogger, a writer … anyone with a professional

Styling You home office 2015


I really wasn’t at home much in January. And when I was it was a crazy blur of school holiday and work juggle. The essential stuff got done while each day my office became less of the haven it was meant to be and more of a cluttered, heaving mess. A mess, I decided to ignore

How to take a selfie

FEATURED How to take a selfie - selfie - #selfie_olympus

Sponsored by Olympus Australia When I first blogged about how to take a selfie – in 2012 – the whole concept of a selfie was seemingly reserved for bloggers. In 2015 you’d be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t taken a selfie. Even big name celebs who have their photos taken by professionals (granted,

Say hello to the Olympus selfie camera

FEATURED Olympus PEN E-PL7 selfie camera

Sponsored by Olympus Australia I can remember my first camera. Can you? It was rectangular in shape, had a basic point and shoot action and a flash. The subjects of my photos were always off centre and I’d make each roll of film last as long as possible, knowing the cost of having it processed was

Build an online community that you love #pbevent

FEATURED Build an online community that you love

When I started blogging, I didn’t really know what blogging was. I was the accidental blogger. I had a website on a blogging platform and I added content but I wouldn’t have called myself a blogger. Mostly because I didn’t know what a blogger was. That all changed about 18 months on. The reason for

Tell me about yourself


The Styling You community is a growing one. I’m so grateful to all the beautiful women who come and visit my blog every day. Thank-you. I think I have a handle on who you are and what makes you tick but I’m a curious person and would love you to tell me about yourself. I haven’t

Unlock Your Style launches in one week

FEATURED Unlock Your Style 1 week to go.jpg

This is like a Christmas and birthday countdown rolled into one. The anticipation and excitement at the moment is mixed with a whole lot of crazy time pressures but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Unlock Your Style will be available at Big W, Kmart, Target and all good book retailers from next Tuesday. I’m

How to get the most out of your iPhone camera

FEATURED How to get the most out of your iPhone camera.jpg.jpg

I’m a geek girl at heart. Always have been, always will be. If it’s new and it’s techy and it’s going to help me in my personal or professional life then I’m on it. I’ve also always had a thing for photography. Not a professional thing. Just a hankering thing. It’s a hankering that goes

Styling You’s 2013 highlights

Featured Happy New Year

I’ve been getting a bit reflective – as I’m wont to do at this time of year. Reflections are good, don’t you think? For me, it’s a chance to stop and actually take stock and be grateful for everything that’s happened in 2013 – personally and professionally. And it’s been a big year on both

An update on the Styling You book


It’s four months since I signed the Styling You book deal with Hachette Australia. Can’t quite believe it really as so much has been jammed into that four months. I’ve been reflecting on that a bit this week and thought I’d share with you here what’s been involved to date and where I’m at in

There’s always something new to learn

FEATURED PBevent 2013

I haven’t blogged about blogging here for the good part of 2013. For those who are new here, I blogged every Saturday for a couple of years about blogging … completely off topic from the first world fashion and beauty problems of Monday to Friday. There’s a whole archive of posts here but many will

Styling You’s new blog design + WIN $500 Freedom voucher

Freedom Furniture Spring 2013

Oh, HI there. Yes, if you’ve landed on this here page, you will have noticed I’ve given the blog a pre-spring makeover. Well, not me, the wonderful team at Swish Design has been working on SY’s new look for a couple of months behind the scenes. It’s the fourth makeover for this blog. I know,

The Styling You book deal

From blog to book | Styling You secures a book contract with Hachette

When I was in high school, my father was the head of English. We lived walking distance from school and one afternoon on our walk back home across the oval, we got chatting about my latest English results. The results were ok but it wasn’t my best effort. The reason? The exam involved writing a

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