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The Body Shop is falling for you

FEATURED The Body Shop

Sponsored by The Body Shop The year was 1986. I was a fresh-faced 19-year-old uni student travelling in the UK. My obsession with fashion and beauty shopping had well and truly kicked in, fuelled in this moment by the fact that I had access to shops and brands I’d only ever read about. The Body

Help! My skin looks stressed

FEATURED Dermalogica Ultracalm

It’s been a full-on couple of months. Nothing traumatic, just intensely busy. Whenever I find myself in these kind of intensely busy times, guess where it shows up physically? Yep, my skin. The psoriasis on my scalp has flared up like it’s been fed a super growth fertiliser, which I guess it has … in the

How to get the Nina Proudman new-mum hairstyle

FEATUREDHow to get Nina Proudman's hair style.jpg.jpg

Sponsored by ghd Australia Tonight is the night that we potentially say goodbye to Nina Proudman and Offspring for good. I’m not sure I’m ready. I really do hope they sign on for another season. You? This season has all been about Nina’s grief after losing Patrick and joy at giving birth to baby Zoe.

#iDiscovered Dr. LeWinn’s

FEATURED Dr-LeWinns-Line-Smoothing-Complex-S8-Hydrating-Day-Cream.jpg.jpg

Sponsored by Dr. LeWinn’s When I wrote this post a few weeks ago, I didn’t realise how good it would feel to write down those words. Just stopping, pausing and reflecting is not something I’m in the regular habit of doing but it’s something I realise I should do. As busy women we are quick

Beauty favourites July 2014

FEATURED beauty favourites July 2014.jpg

We’re more than half way through a beauty year Stylers. So many products have been released on to the market. So many more to come. These monthly posts are meant to help you choose new products that might fit your beauty regime, lifestyle and budget. Each month I choose five that I’ve been trialling over

5 things I discovered about myself #iDiscovered

FEATURED iDiscovered.jpg

Sponsored by Dr. LeWinn’s Hello hindsight. I see you lurking there in the back of my mind. You are indeed wonderful as we all know but you would have been more wonderful if you’d actually been around when I needed you. Like the time when that boy broke my heart when I should have cut

Boost your skin this winter with a face serum

featured boost winter skin with a serum

I made it a bit of a mission/treat this year to book in for a monthly facial. I’ve always loved a facial and a fully aware of the skin benefits that come from a thorough salon cleansing and targeted moisturising  but I’d always been a bit ad hoc with when I had them. Yep, #firstworldproblem

How to protect lips in winter

FEATURED how to protect lips in winter.jpg

Excuse me a moment … my lips are talking to me. Well, not so much talking as screaming. They are not happy. It’s been at least 35 minutes and 23 seconds since my last lip balm application. They are at cracking point and they want me to do something about it. Let me silence them

Take the test – how old is your skin?

FEATURED Skin age vs real age take the test at My Beauty Potential.jpg.jpg

Sponsored by My Beauty Potential I’m writing this post on the back end of some birthday celebrations. Mine. As a true Gemini, I don’t shy away from an extended birthday festival. I give scant thought to the number ticking over and plenty of thought to how I’m going to treat myself. This year proved to

Beauty favourites June 2014

FEATURED beauty faves June 2014.jpg

Did you hear the big beauty news yesterday? We already knew that cosmetic retail giant Sephora was coming to Australia but it seems that we will get the US prices as well. I’m not really surprised as I’ve noticed over the past couple of years many cosmetic brands reducing their retail prices in Australia. Competition

Newsy bites and style insights

FEATURED Sizeable.jpg

It’s been too long between newsy bites posts so thought I’d better rectify that right now. Don’t hate me but as you’re reading this, I will be waking up at or leaving this magical place. More on that and what I’ve been up to soon. In the meantime, I’ve got some style insights to share.

Should you change skin care products?

FEATURED should you change skin care products.jpg

Ahh, should you change skin care products? This is a topic I get asked about quite a bit. I usually respond with two things: 1. Are you consistent with what you currently use? 2. Are you happy/unhappy with the results? These two questions are super important for a number of reasons. The consistency question is the

Beauty favourites May 2014

Beauty Favourites May 2014

It’s a marketing minefield out there when it comes to what’s new in the beauty industry. Product-wise, each month I share with you five of my beauty favourites. Things I’ve been using during the past month that I’m likely to keep in my beauty kit long after the trial period has finished. Things I’m likely

Save time on your hair with bhave Smoothe treatment

FEATURED before and after bhave.jpg

Sponsored by bhave My hair is no stranger to all kinds of in-salon treatments designed to bring it under some kind of manageable control. Chemical straightening? Yes, I’ve been on the receiving end of that. Had it done a couple of times about a decade ago and used to marvel at how I’d wash it

Beauty favourites April 2014

FEATURED Beauty faves April 2014.jpg

It takes a few things for a beauty product to catch my attention and take up valuable bathroom real estate. 1. The product needs to be easy to use. 2. It needs to have a point of difference. 3. It needs to make me feel good when wearing it or after using it. Simple really.

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