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5 minutes with Zoe Foster Blake

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I’m sitting writing this post at the hairdressers. The morning after I met beauty guru and all-round fabulous woman Zoe Foster Blake. Of all the possible bad timings that could occur in my hair-colouring maintenance cycle, this was the worst. On Tuesday night my roots were boasting 5 weeks and 6 days of re-growth. Oh, the

Beauty favourites February 2014

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My husband jokes that living with me is like living in a combination of Priceline, Mecca Maxima and the whole beauty floor at Myers AND David Jones. Except he’s not really joking. I am surrounded my new potions and lotions and lippies and nail polishes. And I like it very much, thank-you. I’m very grateful

11 ways to shake up your beauty routine

FEATURED 11 ways to shake up your beauty routine

I had a facial last week. No biggie, you say? Well, yes … and no. See, the thing is I actually do believe that I deserve a bit of regular pampering (budget permitting). And my skin is not getting any younger. Yes, I’m generally happy with how it looks and I am Miss Good Two

6 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

FEATURED What-to-wear-Valentines-Day

WARNING: this post comes with a High Schmaltz Content alert Most people I know either fall into two camps: the pro-Valentine’s Day camp or the against-Valentine’s Day camp. Me? I’m very much with the pros. Love me a bit of romance. Yes, I do. And thankfully so does Mr SY. We may have an aversion

GlamPalm hair iron: is this your new styler?


Sponsored by GlamPalm Australia I blame my hair. I do. I’m no expert in this hair styling game but what I do know is that my hair has been responsible for my never-ending quest to find and adopt solutions that wrangle it into some kind of shape. I don’t have curly hair. I don’t have

How to change hairdressers

FEATURED how to change hairdressers

There’s a lot to be sorted when moving. A lot. You’ve all played along with my internet saga? Well yes, that’s kind of fixed. I have internet but the accounts and plans are still all mixed up. They keep phoning Mr SY who’s successfully delegated all communication about communication to me for the past decade

A simple summer makeup look

FEATURED Simple summer makeup

I’m almost there. Packing and unpacking is bad enough but add in record January temperatures and then yesterday’s humidity of a gazillion percent and, let’s just say, I’m a little over it. Call me crazy but do you know what’s getting me through … apart from nightly glasses of icy cold Villa Maria Sauv Blanc?

It’s Christmas time

FEATURED Merry Christmas

I was flying back from my quick trip to Sydney last week and was flicking through the inflight channels when, lo and behold, I found the Max channel was streaming some 1980s Christmas gold. George Michael appeared giving his heart only to have it taken away. And then the original BandAid song, Do They Know

How to shop for beauty gifts for women

FEATURED Top 12 beauty gifts 2013

I know that there are very few men who read Styling You (if you ARE male and read here, it’s time to de-lurk in the comments below … we promise we’ll be kind) so this post is the kind that you might want to print out or send a link to the gift-buying male in your

A hair makeover for a mum in need


Sponsored by Schwarzkopf Australia I’ve been talking quite a bit here about the power of a beauty boost. That it’s ok to do things that make us feel good about ourselves. We’ve been confessing those things here. That it’s ok to compliment our sisters, mothers and girlfriends about the way they look. That it’s ok

How to cope with stress at Christmas

FEATURED How to cope with stress at Christmas

Sponsored by NIVEA Australia It’s December. There is no longer any hiding from Christmas and all the silliness that goes with it. I’m guessing that most of you are thick in the middle of the silliness right now. If you’ve got kids, school has either finished or you’re spending every second evening at end-of-year concerts.

Share your everyday style

FEATURED everyday style

It’s really so, so easy to get into a wardrobe rut. I find that mid-winter and mid-summer are key times when that happens to me. I’m either too cold or too hot to show the care that I should. Yes, you read that correctly. I may turn up here every day dishing out style advice

The power of colour in a good hair day

The power of colour in a good hair day

Sponsored by Schwarzkopf Australia I remember the first time I coloured my hair. Do you? It was with lemon juice. Not even lemon juice out of a lemon. No, I used that yellow squeezey bottle of lemon juice concentrate. I was 17 and not happy that my hair was verging on the moussy side of

Christmas Day beauty tips

FEATURED Christmas beauty

What kind of Christmas Day have you got planned? We’ve only done one really dressed-up Christmas Day in recent history, opting for a fancy hotel lunch that bought on a food coma that lasted for days … just without a fridge full of leftovers. I’d do the hotel gig again in a flash but definitely

Christmas party beauty tips

FEATURED Christmas party eyes

It’s now officially less than a month until Christmas. I KNOW. Half of you are running and hiding as I type; the other half are probably wondering why it’s taken me so long to get on to the topic of Christmas on this blog. See, I don’t stick to any rules or traditions surrounding when

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