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How to buy beauty gifts

FEATUREDHow to buy beauty gifts

Buying beauty gifts is another one of my special skills – or super powers. I don’t have a lot of women to buy gifts for at Christmas time but throughout the year I do and I also like to include something a little luxe, pampering or pretty (or all of the above!). Not all women

Why a facial is good for you

FEATURED Rationale Clinic Brisbane UV imaging

In a somewhat self-indulgent experiment I started the year with the intention to have a facial every month. Let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger. I have a strong degree of vanity. And thanks to touring my book, Unlock Your Style, I ended up having my photo taken A LOT. Granted, there’s a lot

Beauty favourites November 2014

FEATURED Beauty favourites November 2014

We’re getting to the pointy end of the year and this will be the last of the monthly beauty favourites posts for 2014. Next month I’ll bring you my favourites for the whole year. It’s been a tough First World job, but hey, my skin, nails and hair have been up for it. I hope

How to treat very dry skin

FEATURED Nivea Repair & Care

Sponsored by NIVEA Australia I’m getting better at this whole body moisturising thing. It’s only taken me half a lifetime, a little bit of ageing, drying skin and a big change of attitude but I’m getting there. A big part of making moisturising part of my day has been thanks to NIVEA In-Shower Body In

How to use illuminators

FEATURED How to use illuminators on your face

A bit like I like to add a little shimmer and shine to my wardrobe, you’ll also find my makeup kit stocked with all manner of products designed to help me get my glow on. I refuse to subscribe to the theory that as we age we should dim down anything that shimmers. Poo poo

8 makeup artist tips to try at home

FEATURED 8 makeup tips

Since launching my book (insert shameless plug #432 here) I’ve been on the receiving end of some very glamorous makeovers. I’ve always had a lot of respect for the work that makeup artists do. They can take a dull, tired and lifeless face and turn it into a fresh and defined TV or event-ready face. In

Beauty favourites October 2014

FEATURED beauty favourites October 2014

I’ve got an exciting mixed beauty bag for you this month Stylers. Well, exciting for me (and maybe for you). These are all products that have been helping me through a very busy work/life period. For those who are new to Styling You, each month I narrow down the dozens of products I’m sent for

Always wear a sunscreen

FEATURED sunscreen

When I was a kid growing up in the ’70s, sunscreen was something that was marketed more as something that could help you get a tan while at the beach. If you’re of my vintage and ever holidayed on the Gold Coast during that era you would remember the billboard that showed a dog on

This is what smoking does to your skin

FEATURED Nikki Parkinson Styling You Make Under If you smoke your futures not pretty 1

Sponsored by Queensland Health I do not know how I did NOT become a smoker. At one point in my young life, my boyfriend, both parents and two brothers all smoked. Inside the house. When I started work as a journo, many of my colleagues smoked. At their desks. It’s quite incredulous today to believe

15 fake tan tips

FEATURED fake tan

As you know, I’m vain. This very fact ensures that I put a fake tan on my list of beauty things to do throughout spring and summer. I understand this is not for everyone. And that’s ok. I have many a pale-skinned friend who is very happy in their porcelain perfect skin – I wish

Indulge with new NIVEA in-shower body lotion

FEATURED NIVEA In-Shower Body Lotion - Cocoa Indulging and Honey Indulging 1

Sponsored by NIVEA Australia Oh HAI! So you’re new around these parts? Welcome. Depending on just how new you are, you may or may not be aware of my lazy-girl beauty tendencies. I’m not so lazy-girl that I don’t do anything in the beauty department. No, I’m too vain for that. My lazy-girl tendencies are

Beauty favourites September 2014

featured beauty

Technically it’s October but stick with me … I’m playing catch-up here. September just disappeared and I hadn’t had a chance to share with you my beauty favourites for September 2014. And they call me a beauty write. SHEESH. Pick up your game, Parko. I’ve got a mixed bunch for your this month, so let’s

My travel beauty essentials

FEATURED Travel Beauty Essentials The Body Shop

Sponsored by The Body Shop I’m a notorious over-packer … but you already knew that didn’t you? I’m not just talking about things in the clothes department either. No, my girlfriends joke that they don’t bother packing any beauty products when they go away with me as I have my needs – and theirs –

Before and after: NIVEA Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream


Sponsored by NIVEA Australia You know when you try and use a skincare product, you like it but for some reason move on to something else, forgetting just how good that skincare product was for your skin? That’s what has happened to me over the past few weeks. I first trialled and used NIVEA Q10 Plus

5 home hair care products to try now

FEATURED good hair days

Last week I ended up with some strange eye condition. I don’t know what it was or what caused it but the result was a very sore, very red and very puffy eye, out of which I could see very little. The receptionist at the doctor’s surgery paid me a compliment about my hair. Immediately

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